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#justice4Jahar Event Postponed

The hearing for Boston Bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was postponed until July 10 earlier today. It was scheduled for May 30 but the defense and prosecution filed a motion to move it back some to further review the evidence. After speaking with Pride Leaders, we've determined that the best course of action with regard to the May 30th #justice4jahar event is to postpone it as well. However, we're unveiling a new event entitled #seektruth that will take place next week.


New #seektruth Event Announced
Many supporters have reached out to us asking what more they could do to raise awareness, make a difference, and fight to ensure their rights are protected. In response, WEARETHELION Pride Leaders have worked tirelessly to put together an epic 5-day event called #seektruth.

Every evening a new objective will be revealed for the next day (e.g. Sunday evening you will receive instructions and materials for Monday). Supporters will be given simple tasks such as printing out and posting flyers, leaving handouts behind, and tweeting specific messages and images. During the 5-day event, you are encouraged to "paint your profile" with official #seektruth imagery.

The event has been designed to have a massive impact on your local communities by giving you the tools to raise awareness of the movement, draw attention to the case for Dzhokhar, and point out the baffling inconsistencies the FBI and the news media have stumbled over themselves with. With your support, you can make a difference in your community. Details and task assignments will go live within 24 hours on the WEARETHELION events page.

Free Wristbands On The Way

Earlier this week we announced that WEARETHELION would be purchasing 400-500 wristbands and not only giving them away for free but shipping them to you for free as well. We were able to do this thanks to a few generous donations that came through our website prior to our removal of the donation button. 
We've selected a grey, debossed, wristband that says "Protect Rights, Protect People". The bands will come in two sizes, 7" and 8", and are individually packed. Production has started and they are scheduled to arrive within the next two weeks.

*Not Actual Wristband

Since there are so few available, wristbands will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis, and only one band is permitted per household. We want these to go to supporters who are dedicated to the movement and have a vested interest in the importance of ensuring rights are protected for all people, everywhere, always. So, how do you get your hands (or wrists?) on a free wristband? Follow all of the steps below and in a few weeks you'll have one to call your own.

Follow us on Twitter

Like us on Facebook

Join the Forum

Participate in #seektruth

Actively participate in the objectives each day. *

*On the evening of the last day of the #seektruth event (Friday the 31st), a form will go live for participants to complete so that they can claim their free wristband. To qualify for a free wristband the four steps above must be completed prior to submitting the form.

5/24/2013 04:42:38 am

What if we want a wristband but don't have a twitter?

5/24/2013 04:45:19 am

When the form goes live, simply include a note that states you did not have a Twitter account. Thanks for reaching out.

5/24/2013 01:50:09 pm

5/24/2013 11:05:45 pm

Which forum are we supposed to join or is it just in general?

We Are The Lion
5/24/2013 11:10:38 pm

Ours. Here: http://www.wearethelion.com/forums.html

Miranda Christine
5/25/2013 12:37:34 am

I'm so happy to join in on this! I have a question, though. How do I join these forums? Is there a specific page I have to go to, or do I just post on any one?

We Are The Lion
5/25/2013 12:46:24 am

Create an account at the top right or left of the forum here: http://www.wearethelion.com/forums.html

Then post whereever and whatever you want.

5/25/2013 01:33:09 am

What if we want a wristband, but don't have a facebook

We Are The Lion
5/25/2013 01:38:13 am

Complete the rest of the tasks and when you submit the form add a note that says you don't have a Facebook. Thanks.

5/25/2013 07:01:03 am

Already had been following Twitter and liked facebook.. so I joined the forum. Thanks for such a great website!

5/25/2013 04:24:14 pm

Sounds great!


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