We received a link to the following summary list of patsy and event echos that published on April 21 at GodlikeProductions.com by user TruthNow88This is a detailed review of events that occurred within a 24 hour window on April 19 and appears to be continually updated with more complete information. 

While the general theory is that an almost identical series of events were played out twice, the references and details provided here are the best collection of information we've found regarding the seemingly duplicate events.

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Note: If the author, TruthNow88, would be willing to give us permission, we would love to offer the content here in it's entirety.
5/10/2013 05:45:56 pm

Feel free to post my theory in full.

5/13/2013 10:55:28 am

I just don't agree that the naked man was Tamerlan. Tamerlan has different, very distinctive facial features and his gait is also very different-confident, with swag and long strides (if you look at the video where he is walking with the backpack). His swag is similar to that of the Bollywood movie stars and the naked guy just did not have it at all.


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