A few weeks back, we gave you the story of Jared Marcum, the eighth grader from West Virginia who was facing jail time for events surrounding him wearing an NRA T-Shirt to school. We have recently learned that the charges against Marcum were dropped. Logan County, WV circuit judge Eric O’Bryant issued an order to drop the charge of “obstruction of an officer” against Marcum, presented after he refused to stop talking when the officer instructed him to. His attorney, Ben White, insisted Marcum was simply using his First Amendment right to free speech; it seems Mr. O’Bryant agreed.

Do you feel Marcum was in the right? What are your thoughts on how the officer handled the circumstance? Will there be more cases like this across the nation or will school boards work on tighter dress codes?


7/23/2013 01:56:11 am

Personally, I would like to know the whereabouts of Mr Marcum on 4/15 at around 2:50 pm.

I would also like to know if he ever owned a black cowboy hat or visited a 7/11

It all sounds fishy to me.

7/29/2013 11:43:56 am

What is happening to our Civil Liberties?? A kid gets in this much trouble over a t-shirt? What is happening to our country?


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