We received this image anonymously and wanted to open it up for discussion. First, if someone has the link to video clips from the media stations that utilized the image, please provide it as it will help to clear up any potential speculation.

While both images are of the identical person, they are used at different times and for different things. The first is of "Dawn" who was the principal of Sandy Hook who perished in the event and the second is of "Donna" who was giving audio-only testimony of her account at the event - she said she was blocks away.

It's important to consider the fact that the massive library of images the media has access to from their archives can at times get mixed in with the wrong content. We've seen it time and time again where the image wouldn't match the audio, or the video wouldn't match the topic, etc. In fact, many times it is the job of an unpaid intern to find an image to match the voice that was recorded. They very well could have used an image from Sandy Hook by accident.

We would like to see more content on this specifically, and are interested in what you think. Leave a comment below.

Edit: It was later discovered that the image above is a fake.
5/5/2013 01:36:15 pm

Some one photoshopped it, that was never aired :( it can't be used as proof of Jahar's innocence.

5/12/2013 06:13:02 pm

there is a video going around that shows a woman being interviewed at the marathon as well as in Watertown. She also bears a strong resemblance to Krystle Campbell's mother. I'm just wondering if anyone has noticed that?

Señor Neruda
5/15/2013 01:07:44 am

The fake blood/crisis actor theories do nothing but damage the image of the movement. I wouldn't engage anyone that believes there weren't real explosions & victims.

Sherry Bender
5/17/2013 09:36:10 am

Senor Neruda. I beg to differ with you. The media is one important issue, but not because of possible mixup, or to prove the above picture is crisis actor. That is very important. However, if it can be proved that it was staged, it demonstrates reasonable doubt that there are any real victims. I frankly have seen no compelling evidence that there are any victims, beside Tamerlan, Jahar, Sunil, and Sean, so far, and the American people. From my perspective, there were 2 events; the marathon went as planned;they took the big monitor down, then the second staged event happend at 4:09. Please, for example have a look at this acting/staging. The analysis of these pics follows one woman, and does not mention any "fake blood", (however have you seen the Ben Nye casualty kits? on the scene). Please have a look at this analysis, merely following the movenment of one woman. It was completely staged. [You've seen the Dust video, I hope] Every one of the alleged "victims" do not add up. Check out this woman, for example: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=595687803782470&set=a.595650463786204.1073741828.100000237674751&type=1&theater

Sherry Bender
5/17/2013 09:38:05 am

^^ typos, sorry. Meant to say in third sentence that is NOT very important to prove anything about this above pic, per-say.

Señor Neruda
5/19/2013 03:05:11 pm

Well considering I was there and saw the victims firsthand and know several victims personally that were hospitalized I'm not sure we can have rational conversation.

5/23/2013 06:15:42 am

I agree, wholeheartedly. For this justice movement to grow stronger, all supporters need to be on the same page. Inferring that the bomb was faked hurts the cause.

Sherry Bender
5/17/2013 09:40:29 am

Please look at all 15 pics in album from begining, not just opening pic, thank you. It is an analysis by zooming in.

5/19/2013 01:48:54 pm

Could you please send me all the photos, so I can follow your comments please? I don't Facebook


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