It has been an amazing week and we're proud of how committed some supporters have remained in seeking justice, truth, and the protection of their rights. As #seektruth comes to an end, and as Pride Leaders wrap up the objectives for Day Five, we've been asked to make a public retraction of an early version of Day Four's message we posted that caused some confusion. 

The messages presented in Day Four's image were correct, though they were misrepresented. We take full responsibility for this mistake and had hoped we caught it early enough based on feedback from some of our best supporters. Below are copies of both images, the first being the incorrect message that was posted for what we believe to be less than an hour.

There are those who brought light to this on Tumblr, and we're thankful for that, otherwise it may have taken several more days until we made time to publish a retraction. While it's no excuse, we're still a young, tiny, volunteer team and our focus has been on getting supporters the items they need to make an impact in their surrounding worlds.

Yes, the messages for the 5-day #seektruth campaign were designed to point out inconsistencies in the media's rushed and irresponsible publishing of crucial information related to the case. No, the information in the early version of Day Four's message was not inconsistent or wrong... it was misrepresented. And again, we take full responsibility for that mistake.

For any inconvenience, we apologize. Our hope is to work hard to keep delivering quality investigative content to supporters and create and endorse high-impact events designed to give you the authority and the tools to make an effective call to action.

Lastly, please feel free to call us out on things like this. It is our responsibility to you to remain transparent and present correct information. We'll openly admit when we're wrong and do what we can to fix it.

5/31/2013 09:12:47 am

No one is perfect. Thank you for all the hard work you do to bring light to this investigation. You are all doing an amazing job. You're tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed.

5/31/2013 12:37:41 pm

So is this like a new rally cry for the so-called "seekers of the truth" ?

" I shot the sherif. But I didn't shoot no deputy. ".

9/3/2013 09:57:50 pm

Day Four Retraction, Early #seektruth Message Incorrectly Presented...The resource that you mentioned here is something that I have been looking from quite a time. And finally it ended with such a nice blog post. Don’t have words to thank you.


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