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Editors Note: The death of Police Officer Sean Collier is tragic, our condolences go to his family and friends.

On the night of April 18th, MIT Police Officer Sean Collier was shot and killed in cold blood as some would say. The official report, including the criminal complaint against, and indictment of, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, will tell you that he and his brother Tamerlan were the ones who shot Officer Collier, but some will disagree.

On the police scanner from that night, heard in the above video, the police officer(s) responding to the “officer down” call describe two suspects. The first suspect, they say, was a black male, 5’5” tall, about 120 pounds, wearing all black, possibly a Northface jacket. The second suspect was described as a hispanic male in a cowboy hat. 

Another discrepancy in the story is whether Officer Collier was responding to a call. Originally, news outlets claimed he was responding to a call from a local 7-11 convenience store regarding a robbery, which, at first, was thought to be by the Tsarnaev brothers. Eventually this story was recanted; it then changed to him responding to a disturbance on the campus of MIT. However, the report from the Cambridge Police Department’s website makes no mention of this: “At approximately 10:20 p.m. April 18, police received reports of shots fired on the MIT campus. At 10:30 p.m., an MIT campus police officer was found shot in his vehicle in the area of Vassar and Main streets. According to authorities, the officer was found evidencing multiple gunshot wounds. He was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital and pronounced deceased.”
However, when the Tsarnaev brothers later carjacked 'Danny', Tamerlan allegedly laid claim to the murder of Officer Collier. It is very possible this is true; the brothers may have wanted an extra gun in combination with the 9mm gun they allegedly already had. One story, from Daily Mail UK, states there is surveillance video of the brothers shooting Officer Collier.

Do you think it can be proven, without a doubt, in court that Dzhokhar is guilty of the murder of Officer Collier? Why or why not? Will the video attained clearly show the events as they unfolded?

7/5/2013 03:58:43 am

Please don't use Daily Fail as a source. They're a ridiculous tabloid known for its fact free reporting.

It's disgusting that they're charging him for Collier's murder and letting the real murderers out. They don't have enough proof to indict him, that's why they decided to throw this charge his way to scare him into plea deal. Disgraceful.

If they indicted him for Collier's murder, even if he didn't do it, then yes, they could fabricated evidence and make it look like they did it.

7/12/2013 01:41:58 pm

Agreed. Daily Mail is a garbage tabloid paper. It is like the worst ones you see at the checkout counter in the U.S. It is not considered a legitimate source of information.

7/5/2013 05:18:46 am

In light of this recording, I would think that it should take fingerprints on bullets or bullistics on Tamerlan's gun to prove it was the Tsarnaevs.Unless of course one of them looked directly into one of those surveillance cameras.

Carolyn D
7/5/2013 12:06:54 pm

I agree with Margaret that in order to charge Tsarnaev with the murder of Sean Collier, the police must have ballistics evidence from the scene matching the gun used by Tamerlan Tsarnaev during the shoot-out with police, and/or fingerprints on Sean Collier's holster. I don't think the surveillance video at MIT was able to show the faces of the person(s) approaching Collier's car, so probably could not be used as definitive evidence.

truth seeker
7/5/2013 12:38:56 pm

I just hope that this goes to trial and Jahar's lawyers will fight this charge. No, I don't believe it can be proved without a doubt at all.

7/5/2013 01:37:14 pm

"Can it Be Proved In a Court of Law That the Tsarnaev Brothers Shot Officer Sean Collier?"

7/5/2013 01:52:46 pm

Well of course it could be proven with surveillance footage, finger prints where they tried to remove the gun, ballistics from Tamerlans gun, if these do exist. I did read an article where it said that investigators were towing the Honda around MIT for a reconstruction, but that seems weird to me. If they were looking for a second gun so they could have a shoot out with the cops, why wouldn't they stay in their own car to draw the police, why would they hijack and if they wanted to flee why would they waste time shooting an MIT cop, it'd be different if he had spotted them but this is not described that way. Like a lot of things this makes no sense but I hope for Sean's family they are not using his murder and are after the truth.

7/5/2013 09:10:17 pm

The evidence cited in the indictment is not public, hence it is impossible for the public to answer the question in this blog article.

I agree with John "Well of course it could be proven with surveillance footage, finger prints where they tried to remove the gun, ballistics from Tamerlans gun, if these do exist."

7/6/2013 04:09:24 am

Even if it is proven that indeed Tamerlan shot Collier, then Jahar should not be held responsible for this. We can't be sure who shot Collier and it is utterly unfair to put the blame on Jahar, when there is not enough evidence to incriminate him for this.

7/6/2013 04:30:21 am


1. The vid shows the two of them approaching the car
2. Ballistics prove Tam's gun was used to kill him


The minimum charge would be conspiracy to murder

Fingerprints on the gun/holster/car could act as evidence as well.

7/6/2013 04:34:06 am

When talking of this murder it is worth reading this CNN report from April 19th again http://edition.cnn.com/2013/04/19/us/boston-area-violence

7/8/2013 04:46:01 am

What outrages me is that because Tamerlan is dead, they will hold Jahar responsible for everything. Even if what they accuse him of is true, then he should pay only for the crimes HE himself committed. Not the acts of his brother. But the evidence in general is flimsy.

7/9/2013 06:10:50 pm

I agree,even if Tamerlan shot the officer(which I don't believe) when the car was carjacked it was Tamerlan alone,later after driving around they met up with Jahar,so how can they add the MIT officers death to the charges against Jahar,

7/6/2013 04:36:05 am

Apologies that was the wrong link, here's the correct one


7/7/2013 04:54:18 pm

Ridiculous to think that this charge made the indictment without sufficient evidence. That's what a Grand Jury does.

7/12/2013 01:39:50 pm

The Daily Mail is not a serious publication. They have articles about celebrities giving birth to Martians and such. It is trash.

10/6/2013 02:57:57 am



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