Members of the congressional committee have raised even more questions toward the FBI, after they failed to appear before the committee, and due to their continuing refusal to provide crucial documents and information related to the Boston Marathon bombing, for example, the fact that the FBI knew one of the suspects prior to the bombings.

FBI requested that the public help them identify the suspects when photos of the brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were released, but caused later frustration among the public when it came to light that the FBI had known the first suspect, Tamerlan, for 5 years. 
“What concerns me greatly is that the problem at the heart of preventing the Boston bombings is a failure to share information and that is being witnessed now in this very room.”(...) “The information requested by this committee belongs to the American people,’’ said a Texas Republican, Michael McCaul. “It does not belong solely to the FBI.” 

McCaul was not the only one disappointed by their refusal to appear at court, followed by Republican Peter King:  “I think the FBI has a lot to explain for here and I'm not trying to be a Monday morning quarterback but the fact they're not here, Mr Chairman and they've stonewalled us completely since the Boston bombing, I think it is unacceptable.“

Furthermore, the FBI has failed to appear at court and bring in vital documents that has been requested by Congress, making them question if whether they are hiding something.

How do you feel about the FBI’s decision to withhold such significant information?

8/30/2013 10:03:46 am

I have always had complete trust in the FBI, but their unwillingness to cooperate with congress, the handling of the Todashev, and DesLauriers leaving the FBI makes them look suspicious. They are hiding something. They should not have the right to not cooperate with the government. Why are they considered above the law? If the information threatens national security, them give that as your reason.
The Todashev case is a complete cover up. The FBI agent may of just simply overreacted or something else definitely went wrong there!

8/30/2013 11:56:46 pm

Until after the trial, yes. Any/all leaks of evidence before trial are a bad thing and could prevent Jahar receiving a fair trial.

9/3/2013 04:48:05 am

They may have a legitimate excuse, but they should have appeared before the committee and presented a reason...But more than likely they just have something to hide.
Admitting your mistakes is the first step...How long do you plan on hiding the truth? Its not like we already don't know, we are just waiting for you to admit it.

9/25/2013 01:08:35 am

Well said McCaul. FBI sought assistance from the public and they assisted, the FBI owes them answers. Hopefully the public will learn from this.


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