We received another anonymous message with several thought-provoking questions. Below is a copy of the inquiry...
- Why are there so few pictures of Tamerlan? If he was closer to the finish line, wouldn't there be more of him? Also, the video of the first explosion appears to show the bomb going off very close to the building. Why didn't the force of the bomb blow the gates forward, into the street, but instead they ended up on top of the crowds?

- Why does the number on Dzhokhar's hat change (in such a specific picture, too) from a consistent "3" to the random "7" and then back?

- Why have no pictures been released of the backpack that Azamat, Dias, and Robel are accused of disposing of, but pictures of the fireworks have been?
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5/7/2013 04:21:20 am

i support jahar and all but honestly the "3 to the 7" is such a weak argument. it seriously could just be the grainy ass quality of the surveillance footage.

5/7/2013 04:28:12 am

I agree with the top comment, the number change on the hat is a pretty weak argument because of how LQ the pictures from the surveillance cameras are. Regardless the first point is worthy of noting. It is really strange that there are literally no pictures that we've seen of Tamerlan, other then that short video clip of him and Jahar walking around. There were probably so many tv news stations there as well since the marathon is such a big local event, why do we literally have no sightings of Tamerlan? Unless, they do and we just haven't seen it yet which is really possible. However, Tamerlan is dead so nobody will really argue about not having any evidence of him at the marathon. Meanwhile, Jahar is alive and the FBI seems to have a video and a lot of pictures of him at the race, I find that suspicious.

5/7/2013 04:43:00 am

The number on the hat is completely open to interpretation depending on how you look at it. Unfortunately, so many of the pictures are grainy and poor resolution.

As far as footage of Tamerlan and the backpack goes, it seems to us that there is so little to go on at this point, but in high profile legal cases such as this, they keep so much from the public.

It is quite thought-provoking to think about the force of the blasts and their effect on the surrounding area. I'm quite interested to see what a specialist would make of this during the trial.

5/7/2013 05:27:18 am

I agree, the 3-7 point is too vague. I mean they clearly look like different numbers, which is weird. But it's really not a strong argument or really relevant, the faces are the same.

Ad for no photos or video of Tamerlan. I have wondered the same exact thing. We are talking about the finish line of one of the biggest marathons in the U.S. That's one of the things I find very suspicious. I can't imagine only one or two businesses having surveillance cameras on them in a major city like that. Just imagine if Dzhokhar had been the one to "place the bomb at the finish line." There would be no evidence to put him there. Yet oddly, he is the only one that survived. Exactly what J4J said- suspicious. Very.

Why in the world is there so many photos of the brothers? There's multiple shots of them in the same area like someone knew to take pictures. There doesn't seem to be any visible reason why someone would be taking pictures snap after snap in that area. They're pictures from every angle- suspicious.

I am also wanting to know what the specialist is going to say about the way the bombs exploded. I heard on various news channels (just mentioning, not saying it's true) that since it was amateur, that the shrapnel went all different directions, or wasn't designed to go at any certain angle. I was wondering why the business windows blew OUT, rather than in, but I thought the only possible way for this to happen without them being inside the shops, is the shrapnel had to hit all the windows very low. Like as close to the bottom of the window pane as possible which could have possibly made them buckle outwards. Amazing how it happened to all the windows and they all blew out. Just a thought though!

SeƱor Neruda
5/17/2013 01:54:09 pm

Photos of Tamerlan and the backpack? They're not going to need photos or video because of Jeff Bauman. He saw everything. He was even describing Tam in the ambulance!

Let me feel you if this case goes to trial and Jeff Bauman testifies? That's going to be a very bad day for the defense.

5/17/2013 07:40:01 pm

Hats: From what I've seen: the picture of the "3" looks smooth, but the picture of the "7" looks rumpled (as if it had been adjusted) I believe it is the same hat. A 3 could easily be smooshed into looking like a 7.
Tamerlan: It makes sense they wouldn't bother releasing/leaking much evidence about him, now that he's deceased. HE won't be on trial. That evidence may later be used to try and convict his brother, but in the grand scheme of things- it holds little interest for the general public (media).
Bombs: I've seen firsthand how huge changes in air pressure can effect things around them. Ofttimes windows WILL blow outward in response.

~just playing devils advocate and trying to dispel some of the conspiracy theories. Still impartial.

barbara henninger
9/15/2013 04:38:19 am

I have to disagree that the 3 to 7 is a weak point. The only picture where the number appears to be a 7, is from the official FBI photo. All the others, whether grainy or clear, are clearly a 3. What it means, I don't know, but with the FBI, I don't believe anything from them.


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