Photographs Courtesy of Boston Magazine
Today, July 18th, a Massachusetts State Police officer, Sean Murphy, released new photos of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev immediately before he was captured on April 19th. Officer Murphy released these photos in protest of Rolling Stone’s new cover, which some claim to “glamorize” Tsarnaev, making him look more like a “rock ‘n roll outlaw rather than a terrorist.” 

He claims he is trying to show the “real Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.” In the photos, we see a blood-soaked Tsarnaev attempting to exit the boat in which he was hiding for most of the day. We can also see a sniper’s light, or bead, on Tsarnaev’s forehead in two of the photos.

For comparison, these were the photos available of the capture prior to today:
At what point during the night do you think Dzhokhar received these injuries? What do you think of Murphy’s reason for releasing the photos? Why do you think he didn’t release them earlier? Do these photos make you feel differently about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the manhunt for him, and/or his capture?

Edit: Sean Murphy has been relieved of duty. (Source)


truth seeker
7/18/2013 01:43:14 pm

I think all that's shown here is police brutality. In fact, I feel MORE sorry for him than before. I don't understand Mr. Murphy's reasoning that this makes him look more like a terrorist. Obviously I can't pinpoint the timing on the injuries, but I'm willing to bet most of them were from the "shootout", but some were from the flashbangs that were thrown into the boat. I don't know why these pictures weren't released earlier; some are saying they're photoshopped... I don't know. But I think this was also Murphy's way of saying "look how macho we are, look at us Ma!"

7/18/2013 01:44:24 pm

the Boston coverup is in deep trouble now

7/19/2013 01:45:57 am

Why is that?

8/1/2013 04:57:07 pm

Because they tried to say he shot himself in the throat at some point in an attempt to commit suicide. They said he had a throat wound that showed a bullet entry in the front of his throat and an exit wound in the back of his throat and that this injury stopped him from being able to speak. And you can see here, he doesn't have a throat injury at all.

7/18/2013 01:52:02 pm

It wasn't what was written in Rolling Stone that I had a problem with but the picture on the front cover was a bit too pop icon looking. The article definitely needed a balance to show the real outcome of the case, maybe the sketch of him at court. I couldn't imagine being a victim and seeing his face on the over, it's just not right. Sean Murphys photos to me have backfired on his goal because it show an injured kid who is surrendering but too weak to do so. It kind of takes away from the whole idea of the boat interaction being the masses of law enforcement capturing him when really he was unarmed and eventually surrendered.

7/18/2013 02:07:26 pm

Great post! Yes, I totally agree! He says he broadcast for retaliation, hahah IDIOT! Thats why they say, be slow to speak when angry...bc now TRUTH has been exposed!!! #innocent.til.proven.guilty #FreeJahar

7/18/2013 01:53:03 pm

I wonder why these weren't released before now. They do not change my opinion of him. These pictures actually reinforce what I already believed...a lot of unnecessary violence on the part of the authorities. I wonder when they will release the rest of the pics.

7/18/2013 02:02:15 pm

They werent released bc this is the truth! It proved he had no weapons, and if they showed these photos it was be against what media said, "he had a weapon and thats why they fired at him."

8/1/2013 04:58:53 pm

Also shows he doesn't have a throat injury! Authorities tried to say he had such a bad throat injury upon capture that he wasn't able to speak and had to write responses down, and he doesn't even have one! that's why the photos that were officially released all hide his throat, and the ones that were leaked clearly show he doesn't have a throat injury at all

7/18/2013 02:04:30 pm

He broadcasted these photos for being very upset at Rolling Stones magazine? Little does he know that these is EVIDENCE for Jahars weapons, so why did they shoot him? I say, yes Gov Agencies keep getting mad, so that all your posts can be used AGAINST you, rather than, for you!!! #INNOCENT.til.PROVEN.guilty! #media=idiots

7/18/2013 02:15:18 pm

Though the images are a little dark it doesn't seem like he has a neck injury YET, I think that yeah they shot the shit out of him but the neck wound didn't come till later. This makes me feel pretty sick to my stomach and the moment I saw these photos I swear all blood drained from my face. I feel so sorry for this kid and his family

7/18/2013 03:10:29 pm

These are so sad almost brought me to Tear's.

7/18/2013 03:20:16 pm

"At what point during the night do you think Dzhokhar received these injuries? "
We still do not know what injuries he had from the first shootout. There have been conflicting reports as to whether rubber or real bullets were used in the second shoot out. Rubber bullets would have created much the same marks on the outside of the boat.

We know the owner said that he found him lying in a pool of blood in the boat, so we know that at least some of his injuries came from the first shoot out.

There has been no official detailed medical report released so we do not know the full extent of his injuries - the only official releases were two very brief FBI announcements made on behalf of the hospital.

In short we know almost nothing.

7/18/2013 09:01:52 pm

Mr Murphy stated that he released them as a retaliation to the RS cover; to expose "the real face of terror". I personally believe that these photos reinforce the supporters' viewpoint that Jahar was never a threat as he was unarmed. Also, they highlight the police's unreasonable brutality and forcefulness towards a 19-year-old young man who willingly exited the boat in which he was hiding.

7/19/2013 12:15:12 am

I dot really understand why the purpose of releasing these photos was. I agree with others it only shows how much force was used against an unarmed citizen. If he wanted to show to real face of a terrorist, a drop photo or some other clear evidence showing his crime would have a bigger effect.

I'd like to again thank your website, it's mature and rational. I made a statement on a the RS cover on FB (a rock station was asking for opinions) and I stated that regardless he was innocent until proven guilty. Amoug the numours names I was called I was also told to go kill myself and my children too. So again, thank you for allowing people to opening discuss this case

7/29/2013 01:37:04 pm

I think this is why Sean Murphy released the photos. He, like all the rather crazy people that are after Dzhokhar to kill him before trial, are living under a delusion that if the violence they perpetrate makes them feel better by reinforcing their self-confidence and feelings of machismo, then it is okay. It doesn't matter who dies. It doesn't matter if children die (they said it, right). They are just animals in the middle of a kill, and they will kill or threaten anyone that gets in the way - man, woman or child. Scary.

7/19/2013 12:36:09 am

if anything, these pictures make me feel even more sorry for him. i can't imagine what was going through his mind at that time, especially if he was not involved with what happened at the marathon.

also makes me wonder about the neck wound. In the last picture, you see the medical personnel press down on the side of his neck, but when and how did a knife get there?$$

7/19/2013 01:56:47 am

I think he released these photos because he wanted people to see the ugly reality of this case.

The Rolling Stone article is not bad at all as it attempts to paint a portrait of Dzhokhars life before the marathon. Things were not going well for the Tsarnaev family and this could help explain why his judgement failed him so horribly.

But the cover is a problem. It simply does not fit the article nor the events the article attempts to explain.

And the cover of Rolling Stone is supposed to be "sacred ground" for musicians or pop culture icons.

7/19/2013 03:00:53 am

Irrespective of his (Murphy's) personal view, why is he being disciplined? I support the argument that these photos are public property and should have been released a long time ago, by the dept.

Also bad timing on the release – these photos clearly “glamorize” Tsarnaev more than any other I’ve seen. They’re ripe with emotion.

7/19/2013 03:31:36 am

I view Sgt. Murphy as a whistleblower

his outrage about the Rolling Stones cover is obviously just a pretext to publish the photos.

As a professional law enforcement officer of 25 years he was certainly aware of the consequences of his action. And here they are: "Murphy has been relieved of duty for one day and is the subject of an internal investigation. Procopio also added that Murphy's duty status will be determined at a hearing next week."

He took this risk just in order to show the public the "real Boston bomber"? Okay - but does Tsarnaev look really dangerous ore evil or disgusting on these photos? Not really.

He looks like a young man willing to surrender to the police; he also doesn't look like he has his throat cut or to need a wheelchair.

Something must have happened after the arrest.

And that in all probability was what Sean Murphy wanted to make public.

Anon 2
7/19/2013 07:12:07 am

"At what point during the night do you think Dzhokhar received these injuries?"-based on the fact that there is no blood inside the boat (unless the mopping fairies were there in the boat with him), I'd say all the injuries occurred while he was sitting on the edge of the boat. The blood dripping from his face and arm is very fresh and when you look at the pool of blood he left on the wheel-rim, it's obvious that the blood is fresh.

7/19/2013 09:32:18 am

I don't know when he was injured but TO ME, he doesn't seem to have a throat injury in the new photos in the boat. But he does have one when he's on the ground.
I don't know.

7/19/2013 09:43:54 am

@anon2 The owner of the boat said he found him in a pool of blood. That suggests he was wounded or do you think the boat owner is part of a conspiracy?

@Sophie Exactly, and the side the wound is is the side you can not see in the photo.

Anon 2
7/19/2013 06:30:44 pm

I'm not suggesting anything. I'm saying that ll the pictures that have been released of the boat shows no blood in the boat. That was discussed to death already in some of the other other discussions. For me it works like this-humans bleed and if he was injured before hand, there should be visible signs of blood. There was none. There isn't even any blood on the tarp. There is no blood trail anywhere. So if the boat owner saw blood, then where did it go? This is not a conspiracy theory, it is an observation-there is no blood inside the boat where he was lying for hours.

7/19/2013 10:09:18 pm

Fair enough. Personally, I have not seen any clear photographs of the floor of the boat and so can not say anything about the blood, apart from the first words of the boat owner.

7/22/2013 02:28:20 am

I could be wrong but I don't see any of the blood thats present in the pictures above visible on the original boat pictures either just some above the wheel. But the blood next to him above is not on those pictures either so blood may have been cleaned by the time the boat pictures with the people with the white suits in it.

7/19/2013 09:53:40 am

It appears he is standing up in the one picture, but according to his mother, he was shot in the leg. When she aired his phone conversation on television, it was reported that he was finally able to walk. So, when did his leg injury occur?

7/19/2013 11:04:25 pm

Obviously, the neck injury came after he exited the boat (puzzled as to how he was able to get into the boat in the first place if he was as injured as he is shown in the photos). He was breathing on his own with no neck wound when he was sitting on the side of the boat. When he was on the ground, they were using an ambu bag on him , meaning he they were pumping oxygen into him because he wasn't or was barely breathing on his own. Plus, you can see one of medics holding a pressure gauze to the side of his neck. Something bad happened after he got off that boat, and I'm sure the photographer, Sean Murphy, witnessed the whole thing and most likely has photos of it. I hope he doesn't suffer the same fate as the two agents who mysteriously fell to their deaths from a helicopter and Ibragim Todashev, though it wouldn't surprise me to hear of his sudden demise or disappearance.

7/20/2013 01:07:36 am

Out of interest why would anyone deliberately wound the side of his neck and not just slash his throat, If they wanted to kill him?

I dont believe this happened and do not see any logic in him being alive if they really tried to kill him. The simple fact is you are assuming he had no injury to the side of his neck, because that and the back are the only parts that are not visible in any photos, pre stretcher.

7/20/2013 02:15:10 am

The officials contradicted themselves all over the place about his wounds. First, it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the throat. Then it was a knife to the throat with no explanation of how it got there. Next it was reported that it was a knife wound to the neck. This was corroborated at the hearing where a long scar was noted to the side of the neck.

There has been a massive coverup here as to what really happened.

7/20/2013 05:56:32 am

Anybody ever think to themselves that maybe you just can't see the wound to his neck in these photos?

I know, critical thinking is not your strong suit.

7/20/2013 06:19:45 am

LOL - your condescending tone is amusing. Your agenda is obvious.

Wasn't it you who told us clueless dudes that the waiving of the probabl cause hearing would point to a guilty plea? LOL

Shayl is absolutely right. We only had pictures after the arrest up to now.. Now we have pictures before the arrest. Before the arrest, DT was slightly injured. After the arrest, he was nearly dead. There must be something happened in between.

7/21/2013 05:50:35 pm

It's never too late for a plea bargain. Have to wait for the DOJ to seek death first.

7/22/2013 02:19:01 am

There is no way he was only slightly injured in the boat. Like Joker I do not understand why people quote newspaper reports for inconsistencies. I agree it may seem difficult to understand how someone can sit up in a boat but often badly injured people find the strength to move for short periods. I think he was very lucky he wasn't shot by the sniper shooter because he could have moved at anytime which would give them enough reason to shoot hom, but to me that means they didn't want him dead at that point. It's clear from the tapes of the night that there was a change of strategy. These pictures to me confirm what we knew all along from the hospital pic and his mothers description of injuries.

7/20/2013 06:29:33 am

So he went from sitting up on the side of the boat on his own power to having to be intubated? I've been a nurse for 23 years, and this is not the way it happens. Something happened after he got out of the boat.

And why the need for insults, Joker? It's really unbecoming.

7/20/2013 08:02:30 am

I agree with you 100% Shay, I've been an RN for 19 years, and Joker we are paid well to be critical thinkers!

7/20/2013 05:11:23 pm

I found this here - never heard of that:

"A negotiator on the second floor of the house, looking down on the boat, successfully talked Dzhokhar out after 30 minutes. "

So Dzhokhar was able to speak with the negotiatior, I assume with a decent volume, right?

7/21/2013 05:59:28 pm

So all you great minds think they tried to but were unsuccessful in killing him (apparently by cutting the side of his neck behind the ear) then did everything they could to keep him alive. AND THIS MAKES SENSE TO YOU.

Lets face it. You'd believe anything anybody said as long as it fits into your narrative.

7/21/2013 09:27:07 pm

Nah! You don't really like to read newspapers, do you?

The wound was just below his throat. Not at the side of the neck.

"His face appeared distorted at times as he fidgeted in his seat. There was a visible scar just below his throat, possibly the result of being shot by police, and he was wearing what appeared to be a cast on his left arm."

7/22/2013 12:01:39 am

Aren't you the guys always accusing people of "blindly following the media" ? But if the media supports your position you JUMP in line pretty quick don't you?

There's a photo of him taken in the hospital that shows the wound on his neck. It runs north-south just behind his left ear.

7/22/2013 02:01:58 am

You are exactly right Joker about the post surgey picture but some won't believe that either. The thing about the hospital picture is it was released a long time before his mother sent a message about his injuries and what she listed matched the picture.

7/22/2013 05:35:12 am

Jo&Jo in synchronous damage control mode...lovely picture

You guys surely know that Boston Magazine has more than a hundred photos from Sean Murphy and intends to publish them the next months, don't you? A lot of work waiting for you.

Obviously Sean Murphy has been inspired by Edward Snowden...

7/22/2013 03:50:00 am

I would post a side by side comparison photo that shows the injury next to the newly released photos that demonstrate that the wound was in a spot not visible in those photos but I doubt anybody is going to copy and paste a link that shows a photo that disproves their belief.

Why can't we post photos or links? We're supposed to be debating evidence but yet there's no way to link photos?

Then again photo evidence doesn't really favor the boys innocence. IT'S A CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE TRUTH. LOL!

7/22/2013 05:27:54 am

Here's your picture:

So what?

I'm not even sure this is Dzhokhar, but if so, it really doesn't matter.

You seem to have missed the myriads of reports that his THROAT was cut, so badly that the was not able to speak when he was read his Miranda rights.

Something must have happened with his throat after the arrest. Get over it.

7/22/2013 05:58:58 am

Something must have happened with his throat after the arrest.


Based on?

There's also the photo of him on the ground after being cuffed and he's getting cared for. One cop/medic has a respirator bag on his mouth and another is applying pressure to the side of his neck.

So I guess your theory is...he steps off the boat... they inexplicably cut the side of his neck.... then they treat him for the wound they just gave him.

You sound like a child in your desperation to use these photos to prove something amiss.

7/22/2013 04:32:00 am

Reason for the neck wound - I know this will sound insane, but I've been reading some theories about how there were echo events in setting-up the Tsarnaevs to be the fall guys. Not all security personnel saw what happened from A to Z, so no one could question what was happening. They would later put two and two together from different events and assume the Tsarnaevs actually did it. One of the theories was that Jahar's echo sustained a neck wound in the events, which is why they had to mirror the same on Jahar so as to be consistent.

7/22/2013 06:42:30 am

At least it's original.

7/22/2013 06:13:19 am

Obviously Sean Murphy has been inspired by Edward Snowden


Inspired by the moron that decided to put Jahar on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Do you really think Sean Murphy is pro-Jahar? That's rich.

And when it comes to photos or any evidence being released I can only scream out "More, More,More!" You see I don't need to run to Alex Jones or YouTube to form an opinion about a piece of evidence. I have truth on my side so I can let these photos "speak for themselves"

As always, I'll leave the theorizing to you.

7/22/2013 07:19:20 am

@Joker - Comments like:

"You sound like a child in your desperation to use these photos to prove something amiss."

Aren't necessary to make your point. Ask the questions, provoke discussion, but please try and refrain from being negative toward others. This blog is for discussion, by everyone, about the topic. We welcome opposing views as long as they are presented respectfully.

Please continue commenting considering the above. Thanks.


7/22/2013 11:42:29 am

If people want to post their ridiculous theories based on nothing more than conjecture then they deserve to be called out in it.

Sean Murphy risked his career to make a point. He wanted to provide a counter-image to the one found on the cover of Rolling Stone. But somehow people here want to turn his sacrifice into a springboard for yet another half- baked conspiracy theory.

No I readily admit that the officers that first arrived at the site of the boat acted with extreme negligence. Those that fired their weapons showed nothing but cowardice. But after that the authorities showed great restraint and deliberation as they recognized the need to get this kid out of that boat alive. Remember this was nearly a 2 hour process.
We all have seen the photo of him receiving medical aid from one officer as another is checking his mid-section for explosives. Imagine being one of those guys.

The notion that Tsarnaev was harmed after these Murphy photos is ludicrous. They could have killed him at anytime during that 2 hour extraction and planted a thousand guns and explosives on him to make it look justified. They could have released the video of Tsarnaev putting his pack on the ground in front of the Forum or photos of his confession at anytime but don't because they're protecting his right to a fair trial. And for doing their jobs honorably they get nothing but grief and ridiculous accusations from this crowd.

So yeah, I'm pretty much done playing "Mr Nice Guy" in here.

7/22/2013 08:07:34 pm

More details on the throat wound:

Cornered Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev shot himself in the throat in a botched suicide attempt during his last stand with armed police, it was claimed last night.

FBI interrogators are desperate to question the 19-year-old to find out if anyone else was involved in last week’s deadly attacks.

But Chechen-born Dzohkhar, who remains in a serious condition in the same hospital as 11 of his victims, is unable to talk due to his damaged larynx following Friday’s huge manhunt.

A source close to the investigation said: “Dzhokhar can’t speak due to his injuries.

"He will be asked to indicate his answers by any means possible – either writing them down or even blinking with his eyes to say yes or no.”

It is thought the teenager placed a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger in a desperate bid to avoid capture and a possible death penalty.

Reports say the bullet passed through his throat, just missing his spinal cord, and came out the back of his neck.

I repeat myself: something must have happened with his throat after the arrest.

7/23/2013 10:49:08 am

Seriously I wouldn't be quoting the mirror tabloid newspaper. Anything in the newspapers cannot be taken as fact. They seem to have no consequences for printing half truths or blatant lies.

7/23/2013 12:34:48 am

@Woodybox. So the British Mirror is a reliable alternative news source? Just joking. Its part of the British sensationalist tabloid press.

"It is thought" in the Mirror, means nobody has definitely explained so lets invent.

Why not wait for detailed and actual medical report? Then no more conjecture needed.

7/23/2013 02:26:16 am

It would be great if someone from the Tsarnaev camp actually made these claims. Even crazy Zubi hasn't jumped on this ship.

How sad is it that these people are powerless to resist the garbage that comes out of Alex Jones' mouth.

And we're the "sheep" !

7/23/2013 10:54:03 am

I wasn't sure about his mother at first but it's really sad that people have fed her a load of conspiracy theories and telling her about the fake stories in the papers as if these inconsistencies can do anything to help her son. She did sent a message about his injuries, but I really think with the fire power on him that night and some from the night before he's lucky he doesn't have more. Bullets don't always go in straight and we don't know what they were using to get him to come out.

7/23/2013 05:40:42 am

I never even heard the term "sheep" or heard of Alex Jones before the Boston Bombing. I usually don't follow criminal cases in the news, because I have such a busy life. This one was personal to me, because I went to a Boston college. I loved my time in Boston. The inconsistent stories and the fact that Jahar could go from being such a kind person to a terrorist piqued my curiosity.

It seems they have a lot of evidence against him, but as Americans, don't we have to uphold our constitution, "Innocent until proven guilty" wonder if there is some small chance he is innocent! Google men who were accused of terrorist attacks and were innocent. I don't know how they are going to find an unbiased jury.

Joker, I believe this website was created for open minded people who believe in a fair justice system. I know the bombings were committed by monsters, but lets be 100% sure we have the right monster!

You have made a lot of good points in previous blogs and I respect your opinion , but I swear if you had rope and had the opportunity you would have him hung right now! That's just wrong.

One more story and I'm done, in Cleveland, a couple were in the downtown area and their car backfired and a police officer thought they shot at him, a massive, massive chase ensued with many police cars chasing them! They shot the hell out of the car. The couple in the car were killed! What were they guilty of? Having an old car!

So lets give our justice system a chance and not resort to name calling and sarcasm. Twitter is the place for that, not on this site!

7/23/2013 07:00:59 am

I haven't even mentioned Jahar in regards to guilt or innocence. If people want to debate evidence then I'm all for it. I encourage it. But nobody is doing that here.

The fact is there is no evidence that this defendant was mistreated by the authorities. No evidence they wanted him dead. No evidence they wanted him "silenced"

Now obviously people are free to post whatever they want and thats their right. But it stinks like BS then I have the right to call it that.

7/23/2013 06:09:16 am

Yet more details on the throat wound, by John Miller, FBI specialist of CBS:

"Currently, Tsarnaev is not in good shape and lost a lot of blood, explained CBS News correspondent John Miller. The suspect has a bullet wound to what appears to be the back of his neck and another to his leg. But it's bullet wound to the neck that is actually pretty intriguing to investigators.

Of course, he and his brother were in a big shoot-out," said Miller. "But [investigators are] saying that wound to the back of the neck is very possibly a suicide attempt. They say it appears from the wound that he might have stuck a gun in his mouth, and fired and actually just went out the back of his neck without killing him. That's one of the reasons he's unable to communicate, but he can understand what they're saying. And they believe there will be a point where he will be able to talk to him.

I repeat myself again: something must have happened with his throat after the arrest.

Woody Box
7/23/2013 06:27:21 am

added: Miller's version differs a little from the others insofar as the gun shot allegedly penetrated the throat not from the outside, but from inside (through the mouth).

However, his (the FBI's) version that he put the gun into his mouth to commit suicide is obviously BS and belied not only by the new photos but also by Dzhokhar's appearance at the arraignment where he had a striking scar under his throat.

Woody Box
7/23/2013 08:05:29 am

And here's the most-official version of the circumstances of the arrest - the initial criminal complaint from April 23th:

"On the evning of April 19th, 2013, police investigation revealed that there was an individual in a covered boat located at 67 Franklin Street in Watertown. After a stand-off between the boat's occupant and the police involving gunfire, the individual was removed from the boat and searched....He had visible injuries, including apparent gunshot wounds to the head, neck, legs, and hand. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's wounds were triaged and he was brought to an area hospital, where he remains for medical treatment."

This, to stress it again, is the official preliminary charge against Dzhokhar! I haven't checked if this passage is also in the indictment. Very well possible.

The new photos belie the charge. The "individual" was not removed from the boat; he climbed out of the boat by himself in order to surrender; he also had no gun shot wounds to the neck, head, legs, and hand.

So we have at least three or four scenarios for the circumstances of the arrest by now. The only thing that is beyond doubt is that he was heavily injured after the arrest, with a striking throat wound.

I hate it to repeat myself, but: he had no throat wound when he raised his hands for surrender. Something must have happened thereafter.

7/23/2013 09:57:21 am

Ok, fair enough, Joker, let's debate how he could walk to the edge of the boat and swing his leg over the side. When he called his mother for the first time, he told her he was finally able to walk without using a wheelchair. The reports do say he was shot in the legs.

7/23/2013 10:00:59 am

I hate repeat myself but you can't see the left side of his neck in the photos. You can see the left side of his sweatshirt that is soiled with some liquid and you can see blood on the yellow of the Adidas logo and you can see blood on his face.

You can also see blood on the boat and there is a previous photo released where you can see a lot of blood on top of the metal bumper. that protects the wheel of the trailer the boat is on.

The SWAT team that was assigned to actually arrest him was interviewed by Anderson Cooper. Here are a pair of excerpts from the transcript...

"..You could see one hand was clear of any weapons, but, each time he went back the other way, his hand went down inside the boat out of our view. And I know everybody here -- we've spoken about it -- each time he did that, we had to assume he was reaching for either a weapon, firearm, or some type of explosive ignition device to try to draw us in and then take us out in a suicide-type manner.

He did that a couple of times as we're still approaching towards him. We got close enough that at one point where both of his hands were up, because of the rocking back and forth, both of his hands were up, we could see there were no weapons, no ignition devices, broke away from the shield protective cover and rushed him.
We put hands on him, grabbed him, pulled him off the boat down one to the ground. At that point it just became a -- I don't want to say typical, but an arrest situation. You check the suspect for weapons. Of course, him, we had to check him for explosives, take his sweatshirt off he may have been wearing a suicide vest."

So he did not come down from the boat on his own power. Not a big surprise there.

Then there's this...

"COOPER: There were reports he was shot in the throat, but unclear whether that was self-inflected, whether it -- what point. Could you tell that?

CAMPBELL: I did see a throat injury. To me it looked like a knife wound. It wasn't a puncture hole. It was a slice where the -- where it was spread open. Possibly a piece of shrapnel from one of the explosives that they were using the night before. It didn't look like a bullet wound to me. It looked more like a cut of some kind."


THIS IS THE PERSON YOU ARE ACCUSING OF INJURING TSARNAEV. Feel free to contact him and raise any concerns you may have concerning the treatment Tsarnaev received after these photos were taken.

7/23/2013 10:23:50 am

The fact remains that he was sitting up and breathing on his own on the side of the boat, then when he was photographed on the ground, he was being intubated.

Something happened to him after he got off the boat.

7/23/2013 11:04:44 am

I see a photo of an AMBU bag. I don't know and again THERE IS NO EVIDENCE that he was actually intubated (tube down to hislungs) but its pretty common in people that have serious wounds. Securing an airway is trauma medicine step 1 . Right?

At the hospital he was on a respirator even though he could breathe on his own. Why? Because it helps the body heal.

Keeping Tsarnaev alive was EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO ENSURE THE SAFETY OF THE CITIZENS OF BOSTON. Getting him to talk to authorities about any possible future attacks was PRIORITY ONE. To his credit he was cooperative.

Why would they want to kill him or silence him? It makes zero sense especially given the fact that Tam was already dead. Jahar was their only source of information.

7/23/2013 10:26:58 am

Joker, I prefer to debate with you as you previously suggested. In the pictures it looks like his left arm is just hanging there, the reports say he was shot in the left arm, he had a soft cast on his left arm when he appeared on court, but according to your experts he raised both hands!!!! Also he lifted his shirt, as shown in the picture to show he did not have an explosive vest, but they had to check again? Also, you did not address how he could walk across the boat with a shot up leg.

7/23/2013 10:47:07 am

Even in the photo above he is raising ( barely) his left hand. The SWAT teams issue wasn't so much his left hand which was visible, it was his right hand which he kept low, presumably to steady himself.

Also it is not my "experts" that are saying this. I provided you with the name of the person that had their hands on Tsarnaev. It's a first-hand account. Not opinion, not conjecture, not theory.

Why are you so concerned about this supposed police brutality that hasn't even been raised by anybody in his family or anybody on his legal team?

For two months I've been hearing how the cops were the ones that ran over TAMERLAN and how he was absolutely fine. (The naked man theory) . Now 2 days ago Jahars own friend says that in his conversations with Jahars attorneys he was told that the official version where Jahar ran over Tam in his escape were indeed true.

truth seeker
7/23/2013 01:35:53 pm

Jahar's lawyers would not be discussing intimate pieces of the case with casual friends of Jahar's.

7/23/2013 11:00:40 am

You do not know the actual sequence of the photos above, the one of him collapsed on the boat could be after he found the strength to comply. I really think that there is no evidence that he was injured outside the boat after he was captured.

7/23/2013 11:14:06 am

John I'm guessing the photo where he is exposing his mid section is the last in the series only because it appears that his right leg is now outside the boat. But I can certainly be wrong.

7/24/2013 07:24:35 am

I'm not convinced its his right leg I think he just turned his body out more in that one. Even in the others his leg is quite far back. But I could be wrong. Just the way his shoe is faced, I just think that.

7/23/2013 02:37:40 pm

Jahar's lawyers would not be discussing intimate pieces of the case with casual friends of Jahar's.


Apparently he's a very good friend of Jahars and they are talking to character witnesses. I didn't really believe it either but then everybody was saying his account was hacked but then the guy posted a photo of himself holding a note saying ...he wasn't hacked.

It's not exactly an intimate detail. I mean pretty much everybody agrees that's what happened. The only people that don't believe it ...well they're kind of like the fine folks that frequent sites like this.


7/23/2013 11:02:58 pm

So a highly trained Swat team could not cut his throat, but instead caused the wound we see pressure being applied to.

If they had wanted to kill him. He would be dead. There is no logic in the idea of a SWAT team member inflicting a non lethal wound to the alleged bomber's throat out of malice.

Woody Box
7/24/2013 06:04:57 pm

So here's my final contribution to this thread.

In the next days I will update my blog with an analysis of the contradictional reports on Dzhokhar's arrest and the nature of his throat wound.

I just have updated it a few days ago with an analysis of the Forum crime scene, so have a look.

Boston Magazine will publish a "photo essay" of the manhunt in its September issue (the August issue was already finished, that's why it is delayed). This is going to be interesting.

Sgt. Sean Murphy is supported by his two sons and the family of officer Sean Collier. Also MSP is backing him. The punishment is mild given that he has violated the rules.

@John: I forgive you all your attempts to paint me as a crazy conspiracy nut. I'm sure you doing this just because you have a family to feed.

Woody Box
7/24/2013 11:45:47 pm

Oh - sorry John - my last remark was addressed to Joker. My fault.

Maybe one of you should change his nick? You are so easy to confuse with each other.

7/25/2013 01:24:37 am

Haha. I would have had you as paid minion of Alex Jones but I highly doubt he's sharing the wealth.

7/28/2013 03:54:23 am

Response to woodybox on following comments: [Jo&Jo in synchronous damage control mode...lovely picture]
[@John: I forgive you all your attempts to paint me as a crazy conspiracy nut. I'm sure you doing this just because you have a family to feed.]
[Oh - sorry John - my last remark was addressed to Joker. My fault.
Maybe one of you should change his nick? You are so easy to confuse with each other.]
I'll keep my name woody box but thanks for the suggestion, maybe more analysis would be needed on your part. Your blog is all about analysis? ? ? ?

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