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Editors Note: We received links to these images from two different anonymous information submissions. 

What seems to be the topic of discussion lately with regard to the Tsarnaev brothers is a trip to the gym and the clothes they wore in relation to similar, if not the same, clothes they worn in Boston on April 15. These discussions started circulating thanks to a video recently released by CNN. The video featured an overly detailed analysis of a recent gym visit, allegedly 3 days prior to the events that unfolded at the Boston Marathon, by Dzhokhar, Tamerlan, and a friend.

Many have started to question why the attire the Tsarnaev brothers wore to the gym is apparently the same that they wore on the day of the bombings. Speculation says that the photos and videos could be from the very same day. As seen in the image above, a conversation on Tumblr ponders the sense in wearing the same clothes just three days after wearing them at the gym.
What's important to consider is that many individuals wear the same, or virtually similar, attire sometimes 2 and 3 times a week. From what we can tell, the shirt worn by Tamerlan is a standard white mens v-neck. Dzhokhar appears to be wearing the same but in grey. These types of shirts are sold in packs of 3 and 5 everywhere, and given the fashion sense men have these days, it's perfectly reasonable to expect them to wear them more than once in one week.

However, that doesn't mean it's not worth looking in to. If the two didn't go to the gym on April 15, which we haven't seen anything to prove that they didn't, it is a bit interesting that they are wearing almost exactly the same attire from 3 days prior... short of Tamerlan's fuzzy hat that is. 

We're curious how often you wear the same thing every week? Are your gym clothes the same? How do you feel this will apply during a trial with regard to Dzhokhar and Tamerlan's presence at the event on April 15?

6/2/2013 03:42:58 pm

This is an interesting point because I can't tell you what or why it means something (and it might not), but for some reason it stands out to me.

If they were truly planning ahead for this attack and trying to disguise themselves, why would they wear clothes that were the same (or very similar) to those that they wore someplace that they knew videotaped them? Wouldn't that have made it much easier to identify them, simply compare their faces AND their outfits to those at the Marathon? Add on to that Dzhokhar's lack of disguise at the Marathon and it really doesn't look like he was concerned with hiding his identity at all. Why?

This new information about their clothes really doesn't prove much of anything about the case and I doubt it will be important later on. Arguments could be made that they went to the gym the same day as the Marathon rather than before, but something about this still feels important in a way to me. I couldn't tell you why. But something about it stands out...

6/2/2013 06:23:46 pm

I posted about this in the forum as well. I don't know why, and I could be over analyzing, but it's something that struck me immediately.

We all repeat our outfits, but in this case, both brothers repeated the exact outfit (except for headgear). Also, Tamerlan is pictured boxing in similar pants in other pictures as well: http://i1.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article1842056.ece/ALTERNATES/s615b/Tamerlan-Tsarnaev-1842056.jpg

What I'm trying to say is - these could be his workout clothes. Why this is interesting to me is I wonder where they were coming from or going to when they passed through the marathon. And this may, to some extent, shed some light on what was in the backpack.

6/3/2013 04:04:43 am

The video is time-stamped April 12th?

6/3/2013 04:06:31 am

Also, Tamerlan is carrying a duffel bag at the gym and Jahar isn't carrying a backpack from what I can see.

6/3/2013 05:50:08 am

Someone on tumblr suggested that the backpacks were in the duffle bag, that's why the duffel bag appeared so full. It's as if they came for a workout and knew that they would just swing by the marathon to check it out. Tamerlan is wearing yet another different pair of shoes at the marathon, so if it was the same day, then he had 3 pairs of shoes...

6/3/2013 06:49:21 am

So what was the point of wearing backpacks/different shoes at the marathon? Also, if the time-stamp on the video is fake and they were actually at the gym on April 15th, wouldn't the friend and the gym owner have to be in on it? Another thing is that parking is extremely limited and many roads in that area of Boston are closed on Marathon Monday. It would have been much easier for them to take the T. So what did they do with all of their additional belongings (duffel bag, etc)? Leave them at the gym? That's assuming that the gym was even open on Patriot's Day because many businesses are closed.

6/3/2013 06:50:01 am

Sorry...I meant to write @Anon2 in the comment!

6/3/2013 09:53:57 am

Not sure about the time stamp or how they got there. Just making an observation regarding the change of shoes and a possible explanation for the size of the duffle bag. Now that you mention it, maybe they did leave their stuff at the gym in a locker. I wonder who else besides their friend and the gym manager saw them there?

6/3/2013 10:08:53 am

sorry, you asked why different shoes...again just speculating here okay...Tamerlan came in wearing boxers shoes, now you only wear these shoes when you are in the boxing ring so I'm assuming that he arrived by car because he is not going to wear those shoes for walking (my father was a boxer). The management gave him grief probably for that reason, he wore the shoes to walk outside (he-the manager probably couldn't have cared less whether he just wore it from the car to the gym), the point is, the soles would be dirty. He changed into another pair, and I'm not sure whether those are boxing shoes or just sneakers, but nevertheless, a different pair. He had to change to "outside" shoes when he was walking at the marathon. This is of course if all of this happened on the same day and if so, I was just pointing out the number of shoes he could have had in his backpack plus the sweatpants and floppy hat he wore when he first arrived at the gym. Oh yes, and his shaving stuff. But I'm not sure that it was the same day...

6/3/2013 07:28:34 pm

@ Anon 2: That makes more sense about the shoes. I personally don't think it was the same day though...

I also wanted to point out that I don't think it was unusual to be wearing the same clothes three days before the marathon because people were still wearing their winter coats in April and most don't alternate between coats too often (especially college students). Jahar has also worn the hoodie under the black jacket before (in the New York picture).


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