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Following two photographs which were submitted to us anonymously, we would like to open up for discussion whether or not the brothers were photoshopped into the "finish line" photographs. While we are neutral, we are interested in your personal analysis and what it means to this case, without adding 'what-if's' and conspiracy theory.
In the first picture, there is discussion that Dzhokhar was photoshopped into the crowd due to his apparently missing legs. Although the top of one leg can be seen ending at the top of the chair, there appears to be no foot underneath. His other leg is also possibly missing, or hidden by the other woman. Tamerlan's leg can be seen in the photograph (wearing beige trousers, under the green-coated woman). Other discussion forums have noted how part of the grey fencing, next to the white sign, seems to blend into the man's grey coat, hinting at possible photo manipulation.

The second picture was submitted with the following comment:

  • "I've seen this picture and something seems very wrong to me with Dzhokhar's left shoulder. His jacket is black, but it looks to be the same color as the wall behind him in the original photo (the bottom one here). Someone photoshopped the two brothers out and I have to admit, it's kind of shady looking" 

The bottom photographer shows the media picture but without the two suspects, as well as with two other individuals removed. Some hair from the woman on the far top left is also missing.

Both pictures were allegedly taken by a Bob Leonard, 58, an amateur photographer who comes from Taunton. This source (link) displays several other photographs Leonard took. Leonard's photos seem to to be the majority, if not all, of the total released photos of the brothers at the finish line. The same source also notes that Leonard submitted these photographs to the FBI on the Thursday.

According to this source at Taunton Gazette (link), Leonard says:

  • “I have a friend with family members in Homeland Security, and the family members immediately passed the first email to the undersecretary,” hobby photographer Bob Leonard said. “Within 20 minutes, the undersecretary said, ‘Great, we’ve got them,’ and passed it on to the Joint Terrorist Taskforce.”

Once he narrowed down which photos to examine more closely, Leonard scanned the crowds for the two men, one wearing a white hat and the other wearing a black hat. Once he spotted them, he used photo processing software to enhance the resolution and crop the images.

  • “I had some great facial clarity on both of them,” he said. “Sometimes they’re looking right at me and probably worrying, ‘he’s got his camera going crazy.’”

He immediately forwarded the photos to the FBI and called the FBI hotline. He then sent them to the friend he said has family connections to the Department of Homeland Security."

Although there seem to be discrepancies in both of the above photographs with the suspects (Dzhokhar's legs/foot in the first, and Dzhokhar's shoulder in the second), it is important to remember that all of the photographs could have been photoshopped if these ones had been, some of which have more complicated railings/other props than these two do. Could these two submitted photographs be a hint that all of Leonard's photographs are photoshopped in order to place the suspects into them, or is it simply that these two photographs are both taken from a strange angle?

In the second picture of the brothers missing, what do you think is the importance of the colour of the wall compared to Dzhokhar's clothes? 

Additionally, what questions are raised by Bob Leonard's Homeland Security connections and his pre-submission photograph manipulation? 
5/6/2013 06:44:04 am

I think that the brothers were there, but I think the photos have been tampered with. Which raises the question of just how much "evidence" that has been released is true evidence and how much has been retouched like these? Not to mention, why is it that they were tampered with in the first place?

The only thing I could think of that could distort Jahar's shoulder would be if the woman blocking him had some flyaway hair (girls all know what I mean). But when you remove Jahar and Tamerlan from the picture, it doesn't appear to be her hair discoloring his jacket, so I'm really not sure. But the missing foot raises the same question. Why isn't it there? (Reminds me of another picture where Jahar is walking and a leg is shown traveling in the opposite direction, wearing blue jeans, that has no visible person attached). Interesting.

5/8/2013 08:17:25 pm

The people were edited out by whoever sent the pictures, the brothers weren't edited in. The photoshopping is obvious. The black guy who is removed from the picture still has a shoulder in the other one. This whole conspiracy is stupid.

5/9/2013 02:40:30 pm

Yes, I think that's what the article is trying to say, that the second picture was photoshopped by somebody. But what about the first, and how Dzhokhar has no leg?

5/10/2013 02:47:17 am

It’s obvious that they’ve both been photoshopped. In the first one not only is Dzhokhar’s leg missing, but there’s another guy’s reflection in the glass. The second two pictures are the same picture because if you compare them, everyone is in the same position doing the exact same thing. I think they added in the brothers and also a couple of random people to make them look like they are two different pictures. The position of the guy in the back with the tux and also the guy with the red cap seems weird to me, they kind of look like they’re floating above everyone else. It looks that they are really far away even though they are right behind Tamerlan and Dzhokhar.

5/11/2013 10:57:26 am

I noticed that, in the first picture, the guy at the back with the tux has an odd hand. It doesn't look like it's his hand. Also, the guy in the orange wearing jeans has an awkward bend in his leg.


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