Fourth of July, New Years Eve, Mardi Gras, and Disney World, these are all great examples of times and places you’d expect to experience the wonder and beauty of fireworks. Those of us that were lucky enough to experiment with our own when we were younger (or those of us that still do as middle aged adults) know how much fun it can be and the excitement of seeing the bright, beautiful, and colorful display.

Like many teenagers his age, Dzhokhar was known for his fascination for fireworks. This is validated from images posted to Instragram by a friend, Junes, showing Dzhokhar enjoying the basics that fireworks have to offer including roman candles and pinwheels.

Photograph: Instragram user xxjungaxx

Additionally, in an interview given to NY Times, Junes states “…One night, exactly one month before that, Mr. Tsarnaev appeared at Mr. Umarov’s home in Chelsea, not far from Cambridge, with a friend. They carried a load of fireworks. The three chatted about college over burgers at a Five Guys restaurant and then headed for Admiral’s Hill, a former Navy barracks on the waterfront, to set off the fireworks: pinwheels, Roman candles and other largely innocuous types. Then they went home. That’s the last time I saw Dzhokhar.”

Recently, many have questioned if Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev utilized powder from common fireworks to make the pressure cooker explosive devices, though no official claim has been made by officials with that regard.

Something many have seemingly skipped over in all of this though is the official statement made by the American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) with specific regard to the fireworks found by the FBI that could eventually be linked to Dzhokhar and if they could have been related to the homemade explosive devices.

Photograph: Associated Press

In the report presented by PR Newswire, a representative from APA stated "We believe it is virtually impossible to create the level of destruction and devastation caused in Boston with legitimate consumer fireworks and suspect that the investigation will ultimately point toward other materials being responsible for the creation of the deadly pressure cooker bombs...". Additionally, the report describes how the contents of the fireworks confiscated by officials are designed to burn rather than explode: “The fireworks devices allegedly found during the investigation were two reloadable aerial shell kits, each containing 24 small aerial shells.  These types of devices contain limited quantities of explosive or combustible chemical composition designed to deflagrate (burn) rather than detonate”.

While we cannot discount the explosive power of fireworks, many question the validity of any claims that could be made that the powder/chemicals found in the fireworks would have produced the same explosions that devastated downtown Boston on April 15. These questions are typically presented due to the lack of similar color and/or sound that fireworks tend to give off. We’re reminded of the video on YouTube of the deadly fireworks factory explosion in Thailand not long ago...

Regardless of the contents of the explosives, it’s important to consider every angle that can be presented in an event such as this and do research prior to forming opinions. It’s also important to not exclude the possibility that there very well could have been powder from fireworks utilized in the making of the explosives.

We’re curious though, have you ever used fireworks for a celebration of any kind? Do your kids play with fireworks? Have you ever “customized” a firework? If so, how?

5/23/2013 04:11:58 am

As a teenager, we played with fireworks every year on the 4th of July and New Years Eve. It was an entertaining past time that I miss. They've since outlawed fireworks (even sparklers) in my state. It's still fairly common for teenagers to purchase them though.

I have to wonder, is this actually how the bombs were made or was it perhaps something they latched onto when they found his twitter pictures. Although, if the above evidence photo was actually Jahars, it is slightly damning. There is no scorch marks on these fireworks which leads me to believe they were never fired off. Why would someone empty fireworks of their powder? It's all very strange.

5/23/2013 05:13:23 am

You can make those pressure cooker bombs using the scraped off heads of matches as the explosive.

These types of bombs are not going to do much damage if any to structures. They are "anti-personnel" bombs designed to damage tissue. In that sense they were very effective.

5/23/2013 08:50:17 am

maybe they just found left over fireworks from that night with Junes and then ......... display # 15


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