Four major events that have been associated with the two suspects of the Boston Marathon bombings include the MIT shooting, 7-Eleven robbery, policeman’s injury during the shootout in Watertown, and capture of the second suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Each of these have been surrounded by reports containing information many find conflicting given that details were continually corrected soon after the event (7-Eleven robbery story clarified the evening of April 19) or weeks later (policeman’s injury clarified on May 6). We understand that news is a developing and progressive story, adaption is always necessary However, one of our supporters, “Kat”, has requested that we present the information for discussion regarding the inconsistencies and review very briefly each of the events described above.

  • MIT Murder
    The New York Times states that two men shot an MIT police officer multiple times, killing him, after failing to steal his gun. Throughout the course of this story, multiple suspect descriptions have been associated: a black male, a male with a cowboy hat, and Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. While no witnesses that we’re currently aware of were present at the time of the murder, a Honda Civic registered to the Tsarnaev family is linked to the investigation.

  • 7-Eleven Robbery
    The 7-Eleven robbery was also linked to the two suspects. While the robbery did actually occur, it was later discovered that it was an isolated innocent not involving the two. Timothy Alban, State Police Superintendent, originally stated the suspects were the two that performed the robbery, but later adjusted the statement to say otherwise. Officials state that the suspects visited the 7-Eleven near the time of the robbery but were not part of the robbery that occurred later. It’s important to note that the suspects did go to a Shell gas station, which is the event directly associated with Danny, the carjacking victim who has only been presented anonymously.
  • Watertown Shooting
    Richard H. Donohue Jr., an MBTA security officer was shot sometime during the shootout with the Tsarnaev brothers. Boston Globe stated that Donohue “went down... during an extraordinary gunfight... with Dzhokhar’s older brother”, while in the same article presented a conflicting testimony by a witness that states that Donohue was a “victim of ‘friendly fire’”. Sadly, there just aren’t too many details regarding this event short of the inconsistencies and we are unable at this time to acquire a statement from officers who were on scene and/or witnesses.

  • Dzhokhar’s Capture
    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found taking refuge in a boat on Friday, April 19. Officials initially reported that another shootout occurred, this time between the second suspect and the police. The police returned fire at the boat, possibly injuring the suspect further should he have been injured in the first. There were reports that Dzhokhar had attempted suicide by shooting himself in the neck, which means he would have had a firearm in his possession. However, officials then later released a statement detailing the events of the suspects capture and that he was found to be unarmed and that suicide was ruled out. It’s important to note that if Dzhokhar were to have acquired and utilized a firearm earlier in the day he may have had sufficient time to dispose of one.

Each of the events described raise a lot of questions for many of our supporters. Were the brothers linked to the MIT shooting because they were in the area at a specific time or is there more testimony of them carrying out the murder that is not yet being revealed (on hold for trial)? Are these four events instances of people interpreting them incorrectly and associating them with certain suspects too quickly or are they simple mistakes? How many mistakes or misinterpretations are allowed, especially in a case like this? It is important to keep in mind though, that mistakes are bound to happen when officials and the media are trying to relay vital information and as fast as possible to the public. What do you think?

Anon 2
5/16/2013 02:00:19 am

It was just mentioned to Anderson Cooper on the news on 15 May that Donohue got shot by friendly fire.

As for Dzhokhar's capture, this is the latest story-

5/16/2013 04:56:02 am

MIT Shooting - The accounts also varied on how the officer was killed (execution style, shot several times, shot 5-6 times in the head). Why? Wouldn't it be clear how he had been killed? Why the variation? I also really don't see WHY this murder would have occurred. What could the brothers have gained from this?

Dzhokhar's Capture - Interesting note that he had ample time to dispose of a weapon. I agree that there would have been all of that time, but why hasn't one been recovered if he was supposed to have stayed in that area the whole time? (Not being argumentative here, I love this post and just thought I'd play Devil's advocate) Also, if he HAD in fact tried to shoot himself in the mouth, how did he have the strength to dispose of the gun and drag himself to the boat? The lack of blood inside of the boat indicates, to me anyways, that he didn't shoot himself (or cut his neck) while in the boat.

Just some random thoughts...

5/17/2013 04:43:14 am

Jahar hasn't been accused of either the shootings or the alleged carjacking. Funnily his chargesheet just reads 'use of a weapon of mass destruction' and 'malicious destruction of property resulting in death'. If he is acquitted of the alleged bombing charges will he be tried separately for the shootings and carjacking/ kidnapping? If that fails they always have that unsolved triple homicide !!!

5/17/2013 04:44:08 am

5/17/2013 12:13:06 pm

I listened to the Congressional hearing on the Boston bombings on NPR, and when questioned as to why the Tsarnaevs were connected to the murder of the MIT Officer, the Boston Police spokesperson stated that they originally thought it was the person that robbed the 7-11, but after talking it over with other police officers, they felt that it was connected to the bombings. They then stated that that was when 'Danny' came forth claiming that he was carjacked by the Tsarnaevs and the older brother claimed responsibility for the murder of the Officer and the Boston bombings. The Congressional hearing can be listened to online. I was expecting a more concrete initial explanation than that they had a feeling. There was nothing more specific initially. There was no evidence. However, the 'Danny' aspect is similar to the 'we found a note in the boat' aspect in that it tidies up the authorities' stories, but they are definitely the fishiest, most illogical, and implausible parts of the story to me. Therefore, the Tsarnaevs' connection to the MIT Officer murder is tenuous at best as I see it.

5/17/2013 03:21:33 pm

so the person that robbed the 7-11 also shot the MIT police officer? Has he/ they been identified ? Shouldn't 'Danny' be held in contempt of court for lying, misleading/ obstructing police - I'd like to see him prosecuted.

5/19/2013 03:09:06 am

Great idea. I second that. Definitely Danny has spewed out so many stories. Who would have to run that investigation?

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