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Launch to Today
We launched WEARETHELION.com one month ago and could never have anticipated what the next 30 days would have in store for us. We set out to build this website to help propel this movement because we saw a massive group of like-minded individuals crying out for a better way to have their voices heard. We witnessed thousands of people completely change the way they see the world as a result of the events that unfolded in Boston. We were changed.

What started as a few nice graphics has turned into a powerful and unified voice for people all over the world. Our movement was inspired by the events leading up to, during, and after the capture/arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, but it doesn't stop there. Our hope is to become a place that can unify people and draw attention to cases of injustice and rights violations across the globe and in doing so, protect more people.

Becoming a source of unbiased, discussional, and investigative information for thousands of people every day is something we don't take lightly. We have positioned ourselves as a neutral "safe zone" that presents an opportunity for supporters to openly and effectively discuss important topics directly related to our movement. We're committed to putting on safe and productive events that are designed to supercharge the voice of our supporters and give them the tools necessary to raise awareness for the people and the rights we're making an effort to protect.

#blackout Was HUGE
Our first event was a massive success. In just one hour, tens of thousands of people brought a firestorm to Twitter and the term "#blackout" was trending on the East Coast. For the next 24 hours, the internet was literally blacked out. The event was designed to unify supporters, help them clear their heads by "blacking out" news media consumption, and teaching people how to properly call for change by writing their elected officials. What many participants didn't know was that one of the main reasons for this event was to "black out" the #trollfortruth campaign that was scheduled for the same day. Our hope was to provide supporters with the right message and tools for bringing justice to Jahar.
Donations, Why Not?
After #blackout, we knew we were on to something huge... that we may actually be able to help change the world. The next steps we took to help unify the movement were to provide access to branded things such as shirt designs, shareable images, avatars, flyers, and handouts. We launched the "Free Stuff" page with over two dozen free items that supporters could download and use in their efforts. During this, we launched a "Donate $1" button that would provide supporters a way to help contribute to us if they felt we provided them with something of value. Our hope was to utilize some of these donations to purchase things like shirts and wrist bands so that we could provide them to supporters free of charge. Unfortunately, we were forced to remove the button several days later after many cited the endeavor as "fraud" and "a shameless way to raise money for terrorism". Normally, this wouldn't be an issue but we are not yet an official non-profit organization and knew the negativity would take the focus off of what we were trying to do.

In Darkness, Supporters Unite
After numerous blows to supporters by the news media, vicious trolls, and disorganized groups, we knew we had to do something to help bring everyone back together. While the #wearethelion movement wasn't as powerful as #blackout, we were pleased with the results. Hundreds of people pulled together for one hour in an effort to ping major news media via Twitter and inform them that the image they were portraying of supporters was not completely accurate. Our hope was to shed light on the WEARETHELION movement and put a stop to the garbage circulating mainstream media.
Free Bracelets... err... Arm Bands Announced
In the few days that our donations page was open, we received enough to purchase several hundred arm bands and offer them to supporters for free, including the shipping. We announced this shortly after the #wearethelion event and were pleased to be in a position to offer something like this. The arm bands are grey and say "Protect Rights, Protect People". We feel this is a perfect way to illustrate the purpose of our movement.
Hearing Postponed, #seektruth Announced
When Dzhokhar's May 30 hearing was postponed, we were forced to delay the #justice4jahar viral protest event. While we would hope for a more speedy judicial process, we're thankful that we are able to spend more time getting to know supporters and working to coordinate a more effective event. At the same time though, we announced what would be an epic 5-day event that would take place the last 5 days of May called #seektruth.
Explosive Expansion
We knew after just one week that this was far too big to handle for just a tiny team of volunteers. In the midst of managing events, we were also working to keep up with the massive amount of information submissions from supporters. It was becoming imperative to solicit the help from supporters who were already eager to plug in. In just a few hours after opening up our "Join the Pride" page, our inbox was flooded with applications for various volunteer positions. Thankfully, we found some amazing people very quickly who have filled over 14 different roles with our organization. This boost to our team provided us with the horsepower we needed so that WEARETHELION could continue to crank out quality editorial and at the same time, keep holding high impact events.

5-Day Event for Truth
Our founding team wanted to end May with a big impact. We wanted to bring truth to the masses and show people that they can't stop at what they hear and see on TV, that they must dig deeper and find the truth for themselves. Pride Leaders worked tirelessly to put together an event and provide resources to supporters that would enable them to  raise awareness of the inconsistencies in the case for Dzhokhar. Then at the last minute, our team decided to dedicate Day Five of the event toward bringing light to the injustices surrounding the senseless death of Ibragim Todashev. Several thousand supporters joined together each day of the event and fought to make a difference.
What the Future Holds for WEARETHELION
Since launching, we've continued to grow exponentially. We're pleased to have had the opportunity to provide people all over the globe with the things they need to make a difference and we're excited to continue doing so. A few have asked if we'd bring the donation option back so that we could continue to offer things such as arm bands for free to supporters and the answer is that we hope to do so soon. For now, we feel that our concentration should remain on raising awareness through quality editorial and bold events. 

We are planning on opening up additional volunteer Pride Leader roles very soon and our team is still discussing the right way to execute the #Justice4Jahar event effectively. Until then, we will work hard to remain open, transparent, and straightforward. Our Editorial Team will remain committed to digging through the facts and presenting neutral material that encourages productive discussion, and Event Coordinators will continue to develop creative, engaging, and meaningful events. As long as we can provide a voice to supporters, we'll continue to work hard to do so.


6/2/2013 10:33:01 am

I am very impressed with this website and all the hard work the team does. This isn't a fansite filled with cutesy pictures of Jahar...it's a serious effort to seek true justice and speak the truth. Blogs and comments are written to encourage deeper thinking and a way to look at things more thoroughly, because what we are being fed by the media is such nonsense, biased reports.
I very much appreciate and look forward to your "events", as it gives us all a way to be involved, to be a voice, to push for others to open their eyes. Enough of blindly taking in what the msm pushes on us as fact, we work together and expose the real facts.
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

6/3/2013 05:11:45 am

Great job, guys.
I am now addicted to this website, thanks to you.
Keep doing what you do.


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