Opposition is one thing, allegation is another. While we welcome opposing views on our blog in the comments or in the forum, we do not welcome ungrounded allegations. We have no problem with those who wish to investigate our organization or even question if it is involved with fraud, that is something we feel is more than worthy of an investigation. However, making outrageous claims and allegations as if they were fact is stepping over the line.

We have worked to be transparent from day one. We answer any questions or concerns, usually within 24 hours, if they are presented respectfully. In this case, after we've responded to it many times on Twitter and Tumblr, we felt it was necessary to issue a statement on our blog. 

For less than a week, a few days ago, we made our donations page live again with a single method for donating: money order. We also asked that the money order "pay to" line be left blank to protect the privacy of some of our core group. A Twitter user provided us with information that stated this could be considered grounds for investigation into mail fraud and/or money laundering. This prompted us to immediately remove the donations page from our website as we do not wish to be associated with or involved in anything illegal. In the time that the mail order donation option was live on our website, we did not receive a single donation. When launching this option, we figured that would be the case since it were so cumbersome for people to do.
The minor donations we received in the first few weeks of our site were received via PayPal and are tracked and reported to the IRS legitimately. These donations were used for things like the several hundred wristbands we sent out at no charge, including postage, to supporters worldwide.

Recently, the allegation has been made that the mail drop address that was on our donations page was previously associated with a scam... in 2007. This information can be found by simply typing the address into Google. The mail drop in question is located at a UPS mail receiving facility. There are likely over 100 mailboxes there for different people and businesses. They are paid every quarter and rotate frequently. They are assigned at random.

Our's was purchased last month, as seen by the following photo:
In addition, the reason we're anonymous has also been in question and tied to these recent allegation. While we've made this clear numerous times, here is a quote from the About Us section of our website: 
"We remain anonymous so that the attention is on our efforts, reason for the cause, and the positive outcomes of our events.  One face representing a large movement will draw attention from our goals.  A single person is corruptible.  A group of people can be targeted and taken advantage of.

Our Pride Leaders remain anonymous, unless otherwise specified, so that their efforts are a direct reflection of the movement.  It is more challenging to anonymously volunteer time for a cause, than it is to receive personal public recognition.  Anonymous volunteers give themselves, with no expectation of personal gain, making a real difference."

Many supporters appreciate that the focus is on the cause and not on an individual. Many appreciate that any press that this movement would generate is on the cause and not on who's behind it. We aren't behind anything but a website and some graphics, the PEOPLE are the movement. Occupy Wall Street was another organization which we've taken a few cues from with regard to our structuring, they too do not recognize a single individual. They are a platform, that is all.

Some question our agenda for the event in Boston, so here is our official statement:
"We are there to demonstrate for greater transparency from the government, better accountability from its investigative bureaus, and the restoration and protection of the rights of the people."
Others continue to question why we haven't demonstrated for individuals such as Treyvon Martin. We've continued to state that we are a new organization, powered by less-than-part-time volunteers, and we want to remain focused. The reason our focus is on the Dzhokhar case right now is because it's what inspired us to speak out. Why? Honestly... because it just happened to be the tipping point for our founding team. 

Some say that "his rights haven't been violated" but that's not why we're here. Our focus is on the information concerning potential violations of his rights as an American citizen, guilty or otherwise.

Lastly, we ask that you consider the source of your information prior to accepting it as fact. Isn't that why we're all here? Validate anything you see with our name on it with our website. If you don't find an answer, ask us. You don't have to accept what we say as truth, but at least give us the opportunity to reply.

If this were a scam, we wouldn't be sticking around.

6/21/2013 11:47:15 am

I appreciate you guys and all you have done, like you have said those who roar loud get barked at. I plan on sending donations your way next month as much as I can afford to might not be much but I plan on doing this more than once. Again thank you Lions for being a voice that otherwise wouldn't be heard and taken seriously.

6/21/2013 08:33:33 pm

People have nothing better to do with their time than to harass others online because they oppose your movement. Who's to say that the founders of WATL aren't out with the protesters? Maybe they are. I do agree with transparency. You should somehow file as a non profit so that you could legally accept donations and inkind under the name, WATL for annonymity to assist the movements costs to advertise, offer supporters props (wristbands, tshirts), to advertise etc. I am 44 years old, married and have a 13 year old son. I fully support "We Are The Lion"'s cause and am proud to be part if this movement to see truth, justice and assist in informing the public the we need to start caring more about our civil rights and liberties or they will die with our forefathers. PEACE!!

6/21/2013 09:31:26 pm

Glad you addressed that but haters will be haters. Also, there are professional trolls around who are actually paid for stirring sh*t up.

6/21/2013 10:04:12 pm

I agree! Haters will be just that. This is why people end up closing their accounts. It makes me sad to see some go. Just lost another great person I was following due to all the hate. I will miss her and her positive, and inspiring posts. I wish the people of this country would rise up and band together for their beliefs like Brasil and Turkey. Maybe we would get attention where it's needed. Not saying I want a civil war to break out but If we want things to change, ie; government policies that we all voted for, we should be all up in arms when it isn't being done. It seems that if it doesn't affect certain people or groups, they just don't care. I give credit to Snowden. He's the 1/2 % that stood up for his beliefs. If we all felt that way as a collective, we would not see the corruption and government taking advantage of the American people the way they do. This is why I am trying to be a part of the silent majority. For change, transparency, justice, civil and human rights.

6/22/2013 06:33:26 am

Bravo and thank you to the We Are The Lion founders and staff. Your responses to negativity and criticism have always been gracious and informed. The editorials are top notch and the comments sections get downright intellectual up in here. Don't get me wrong, it's fun to hear all about who was on TMZ, who converted to Islam, who thinks Baudy is dreamy, but I love having discussions that can open a person's eyes.

In regards to being anonymous, it is true that many, many people are paid to sit and manipulate social media networks. We've recently learned that the NSA and the FBI are way more interested in disregarding the Constitution than ever before. Who are these people that want to know who runs the website? Why are trolls trying to hurt supporters on Twitter? Why have lies been told by the media? Why haven't they told us about Mt. Auburn Street? Why was Ibragim Todashev shot 7 times? How did 2 trained FBI agents fall out of a helicopter? Like so many of you, I have questions, and I am grateful that We Are The Lion allows me to ask them. #wearethelion 

Keep up the great work! 

6/22/2013 08:50:50 am

Don't let them get you down! We support your cause 1000%! This is what they want! To silence you because they know deep inside that they are wrong and the official story is faulty! Haters gonna hate! But across history, no one made a change without having haters! Thumbs up for wearethelion!

6/22/2013 11:51:31 am

I've seen the onslaught of allegations and at least you get to see them and respond. The sad thing is its from people who actually don't care about anything but creating drama. They're not out to warn people just you're their latest target. Hopefully they'll get bored soon. I've certainly not seen anything here that concerns me that ye haven't addressed already.

6/24/2013 03:07:48 pm

Winston Churchill said “You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.” Congratulations to the editors of We Are The Lion - You have earned our deepest gratitude and respect! I too will be sending a donation.


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