Editor's Note: This was inspired by an anonymous information submission.

We have received a link to a collaborating video that begins by interviewing a witness named Linda claiming that she was visiting her boyfriend’s house on Dexter Street the night gunfire happened between the Tsarnaev brothers and the authorities. Linda stated in the interview that she believed the first suspect was hit by a police SUV then shot multiple times.

The interviewer re-announced that she said it was a police SUV and she said, “correct.” When asked if he had any weapons on him, Linda said she did not see him fire, but added that towards the end she could hear multiple rounds coming from two different weapons. Minutes later the ambulance arrived, leaving Linda finding it hard to believe that the suspect was pronounced dead at the hospital, stated she believed the suspect was probably dead as he was put into the ambulance.
Upon the suspects arrival at the hospital, Dr. David Schoenfeld was on the scene to revive him. It was reported that upon Tamerlan’s arrival, he immediately went into cardiac arrest and a team of doctors attempted to resuscitate him. CBSBoston later reported that according to Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s death certificate, he was shot by police and then run over and dragged a distance by a motor vehicle.

Based on what we’ve learned from Dr. Schoenfeld and Tamerlan’s death certificate, the suspect was shot prior to being run over by a motor vehicle. However, Linda, a witness, states otherwise. How do you feel the testimony of Dr. Schoenfeld and Linda will be discussed in court? Is the order of events with regard to his death important?

6/4/2013 06:18:59 am

It takes a high degree of spite, brutality and savagery to run over a man with a car and then shoot him to death. If the defense can change the order of events noted by the doctor and coroner based on sufficient evidence, I hope they take the concerned policemen to task.

Also what is the objective of killing a suspect in this way? It is certainly not self-defense. Did they have him handcuffed lying on the ground? Was there someone holding him down?

6/4/2013 06:24:09 am

Hold on don't pounce on me yet. But didn't one officer in that one video with the interview of the Boston police that were at the scene say something regarding how Tamerlan came forward shooting and he floored the police vehicle towards his direction and jumped out. Anyone got anything regarding this?

6/4/2013 08:39:11 am

Hi Jenny, I started out watching police interviews on my television as well but then did some of my own research on the Internet. None of us can possibly re-construct the event as it happened but it does help to seek out different sources.

According to your theory Tamerlan would have been shot multiple times if he approached the cops or ‘came forward’ and everything would have ended there.

Watch these ‘eyewitness’ videos to see if that theory still holds ground:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5C83o8Ai84 (this is the said interview. Tamerlan was run over by cops according to this eyewitness).

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkkq6dMDD40 (watch this one where Tamerlan allegedly speaks to a Russian-speaking agent - I can offer you a basic translation)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RD9mIYaXZBU (watch this one where he screams his brother's name in the end - he's handcuffed and on the ground)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4abBDzq3LM ('We give up' - this is Mike's video it was played on WCVB. You can hear Tamerlan respond to a question about a rifle. Also the cops never stop shooting.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSlRHJv1nnA (another eyewitness audio recording primarily of police gunfire)

Also, can you please find the interview of the officer that is your source?

6/4/2013 09:55:16 am

Thanks Anon. I'll check out your sources. This is the interview with the officers involved in the shootout. --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4abBDzq3LM

6/4/2013 09:56:33 am

Woops... I mean this one --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=754pzr8QsSc#!

6/4/2013 07:55:57 pm

"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RD9mIYaXZBU (watch this one where he screams his brother's name in the end - he's handcuffed and on the ground)". The screaming, to me, sounds like it is coming from the person on the other side of the road and he is screaming "Tamerlan"

6/4/2013 06:25:51 am

thank you Gerry Spence #DzhokharTsarnaev

6/4/2013 08:17:43 pm

I'm replying to Anon2, sorry you are closest and there's no reply button next to Anon2's name: I'd say the videos are subject to interpretation and personal bias. This is not evidence per se and by no means an absolute source. My comment was to see it anyway and fuel discussion. Personally, I heard 'Tamerlan' in the last part of the video .. someone responds Jahar or Ja-KH-ar in the end at least a couple of times (three times actually).

By the way NadePaulKuciGravMcKi what is your comment on Gerry Spence?

John Baxter
6/4/2013 08:27:40 am

"His "As the one brother was running toward the officers the second got back into the SUV, turned it around in the street and proceeded to accelerate at the vehicle barricade. This image shows the black SUV charging the officer vehicles. (Taken 12:50:57AM)"
"This is a zoom-in from the last image and the red circle highlights where one of the brothers was taken down and still laying in the street. The black SUV proceeded to accelerate towards the officers and drove in between the two cars at the top of the picture. The SUV side swiped both cars taking out doors and windows and ultimately broke through the vehicle barricade and continued driving west on Laurel St. This was the last I saw of the black SUV."
via Andrew Kitzenberg/GetOnHand.com

No mention of running over his brother but very detailed about side swiping cars so would have had a good view, no mention of assistance to brother on road or ambulance arriving, next pic discusses the sedan. Maybe the missing pics might be needed for case but he was up posed to have tweeted them live. Strangely there is an account of a crashed police SUV at the scene. "Also pictured at the bottom of the image is a Watertown Police SUV that had crashed in our driveway at the start of the gunfight and had many of its windows shot out."

6/4/2013 10:42:56 am

The crashed police SUV is mentioned in this article : http://www.boston.com/metrodesk/2013/04/21/new-details-wild-shootout-with-bomb-suspects-watertown-chief-believes-older-brother-was-killed-younger-brother-desperate-getaway/jaIyrXr8fSnf5Pu4xnRbvM/story.html

There was also another police SUV that was sent backwards down the street to distract the suspects at some point. The details aren't very clear.

6/4/2013 11:54:34 am

One of the first officers on the scene jumped out of his vehicle while it was still in drive and directed it towards the suspects. Apparently the suspects did waste some ammo firing at it.

6/5/2013 03:27:06 am

FACT: Laurel st shooutout, bombings, hysterical event started AFTER suspects were taken into custody/ surrendered in Dexter Street. Around 12:50pm. In attendance a green Honda Civic and black SUV. Unfortunately actual suspects, Tamerlan and Jahar were still over at Dexter St with the FBI, State Police.

Who was Watertown Police playing cop-prisoner with then? Awkward.

6/5/2013 08:52:28 am

So your theory is that the suspects were taken into custody on Dexter St. Then what happened next? The police stole their clothes, moved the cars (one of which is registered to Jahar), hired two actors, and staged a fake shootout? For what? The video of the suspects allegedly lighting the pipe bomb behind the SUV looks a lot like them in my opinion. Look at Tamerlan's hat and Jahar's hoodie/hair for example. He looks the same as in the Shell surveillance video.

The reason that additional "suspects" were taken into custody at the time is because the police had tracked the stolen SUV to that particular area. They had still had no idea of the identity of the alleged bombers at that point or whether they had any accomplices and so were sweeping the area so to speak.

4/24/2014 06:12:07 pm

I think you're basically right. Laurel was later street theater to have them "bomb throwing" and "shooting" - which I don't think the two actually did. Actors might have. Laurel street has the guys yelling "we didn't do it" - that's the part I don't understand.

6/4/2013 08:45:46 am

Slight problem as the shootout happened on Laurel st. not Dexter. There's literally 1 house on Dexter that may have had a partial blocked by cop cars. This interview is total crap. Who is she? Where is she? I didn't even hear what radio station it came from. Meanwhile there are numerous video interviews of people who happen to live on the correct street saying that it was the Mercedes SUV that ran him over. There's even a photo of it happening! And let's not think for a second that the FBI hasn't examined that SUV with the proverbial microscope collecting DNA from both inside and outside the vehicle.

This website's claim that it is an objective view of the Boston bombing is a poorly hidden lie. At least the "#freejahar" cheerleading club doesn't make any false claims about what they think is true.

John Baxter
6/4/2013 08:57:03 am

I agree that this woman's claims are suspect, they lack detail. i do think this website gives everyone a chance to evaluate what's out there in relation to the Boston bombings. I've not seen any photo of it happening as you put it.

6/4/2013 09:43:37 am

Yeah I'm extrapolating the outcome of the photo you describe. But it's easy to see that a vehicle trying to navigate through those 2 police cars would at the very least have the driver side of their vehicle pass over the spot where the figure is on the ground.

The photo supports the "official story" as well as other eyewitness accounts from residents of laurel street.

6/4/2013 08:59:48 am

Can you please direct us to the "numerous video interviews" by posting links. Who are they? Where are they? "I" haven't see them. Also the photo of it actually happening ...

The FBI is the prosecution. Their microscopic data is only one side of evidence presented, you are forgetting the defense. In a court of law their word is not final. Neither is their evidence.

6/4/2013 09:53:54 am

Hers one video and I'm even reluctant to post it. It should be up to the editors of this so-called objective website to present all the facts available, not just the ones that lean in favor of the defendant.


6/4/2013 10:01:03 am

Bad quality but this matches the eyewitness account regarding pipe bombs perhaps. It looked like the two were lighting something. Again I'm being open-minded here. As we all should be...


6/5/2013 02:13:11 am

Hi Jenny I watched the video you posted and this is my breakdown of all eyewitness videos. Remember there is no need to discount one over the other and especially so since Andrew is a bit of a media darling and his video has been picked up by major news houses. All the others also ‘saw’ something, recorded something and at a time when the city was in lockdown – participated to the best of their ability.

So let’s not resort to name-calling (like Joker, ‘who is she, where is she’). Let’s give everyone an equal chance.

1. Andrew Kitzenberg, Laurel Street
Truth: Honda Civic parked outside his house and a black SUV
Refutable: Identity of suspects. You cannot make out from the pictures
His Story: There were bombs, there was a rifle, handguns, shooting both ways, backpacks etc. Ties into the story of the officers’ interview you mentioned. Basically they were engaged by Watertown police later University Police.
His timings are a bit off though 12:47 onwards

2. BigHeadphone ‘around’ 12:50pm– Mt Auburn facing Adams St.
Surrender after shooting (they've surrendered before the Laurel St shooting started). You can see the green Honda (speculation?) being driven away at 0.54 while Tamerlan is in custody. Where’s Jahar – he’s certainly not the one driving away with all those cops present.

Now this guy/witness was pinned down by the cops and sent back to his house with a warning. He later captured what he describes as suspect no 1 with the hat and same clothes being taken into custody – I have no comment on that part.

You can hear Tamerlan speak in Russian in the beginning and in the end as well as Jahar unmistakably calling out to Tamerlan. I’m sorry I have to, Tamerlan clearly says, Podstava in the beginning and in the middle of the video. So that’s extra points to Bigheadphone for clarifying the identity of the suspects (vs. Andrew who only has the cars on his street).

3. Mike’s video – ‘we give up’ (Dexter St.) *no timings given
There were no bombs at this police shooting. Rather two suspects who ‘give up.' Jahar and Tamerlan’s voice on this video is again unmistakable.

4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CswBwqZ2EKU (This guy was also on Dexter St.) Witness says Tamerlan taken alive stripped naked and into police custody. *no timings given although Bigheadphone colluded somewhat with this witness.

5. Linda – Dexter St. (says Tamerlan died on Dexter St.) *no timings given

Now the Dexter St witnesses say there was State Police, the FBI on their street.

So who’s taking a go at making sense of all of this?

John Baxter
6/4/2013 10:55:03 am

Thanks for the link to the video. It does go to show the chaos of that night. There are a lot of unanswered questions in this case considering all the media evidence. It's so lucky that there wasn't more injured that night. Honestly I have to say I think the evidence is massive against him, but I feel the media have been so sloppy and biased that none of them can call themselves journalists.

6/4/2013 11:53:23 am

Personally, I feel there's massive evidence against him as well. The evidence presented to us is sloppy outside of "Jahar's world." It's the media for gosh sakes, it's a sketchy and biased business. Another factor is that the government is shadyyy as hell. The holes in all of this is unbelievable. I keep switching my stances between him being guilty and innocent. However, I'm not personally involved in the case. So what do I, you, or others know? I just want some good evidence like a police dashboard cam, or surveillance footage of him and his bro peacing out before their backpacks exploded. What's freaking me out is what we don't know. Only Jahar knows I guess....

6/5/2013 01:26:43 am

Ok this might be a crazy idea, but do you guys think that maybe the brothers had talked about this beforehand and maybe Tamerlan had said that he would rather die then be arrested so he wouldn't have to talk to authorities? So Jahat saw that the police had him so he ran him over to kill him? Obviously it could've been an accident, but I'm just thinking of other ideas because it just doesn't add up to me.

6/5/2013 08:24:04 am

Maybe he actually loathed his brother. I'm being completely serious, especially if he felt like he was being coerced/brainwashed by Tamerlan somehow.

6/5/2013 12:47:39 pm

It's also possible that he was trying to hit the police but they moved away (which they did) or that the street was partially blocked by the police vehicles so the only way to drive down it was to run over his brother.

6/6/2013 02:08:01 am

This is to ANA's second comment. Possibly. But I find it hard to believe that when say 5 cops are on the scene (there was an interview with about that many), how do they all just completely forget about the second suspect? I'm sure they wanted to keep an eye out for both yet somehow Dzhokhar manages to get in the driver seat of the car and drive towards them. They wouldn't have all just squatted down around Tamerlan while there's another suspect (potentially armed with a gun/explosives) in the area. Either they're dumb or they're lying (my two theories lol).

6/6/2013 04:33:42 am

@Me: I think that the police didn't want to approach either suspect because they were afraid that they had bombs/additional guns. So Jahar was able to get into the car and drive towards them. The police did fire on the SUV as it fled, but at some point Richard Donahue was injured.

6/5/2013 03:43:36 am

Nice objective analysis by "anon"

Kitzenberg stuff is worthless but "Big Headphone" where you can't even see the person and its in the wrong place is definitely Tamerlan.

Its good to know that there's a virtual army of amateur voice recognition specialists out there who don't even need an ounce of training and can match voices based on about 15 seconds of sampling!

And just to clarify, the word "Podstava" describes a specific type of extortion that occurs after a sham traffic accident. And it's not even pronounced the way it's supposedly heard on that video.

There's is a Watertown police dept log entry that records that particular suspects detention but I'm not going to bother to try and find it because I know it will be considered just another part of the big "Podstava" lol

Anyway my greatest fear is not that young Dzhokhar will ever see another day of freedom but rather that I will one day come face to face with one of his ignorant supporters at a fast-food drive thru window and they will have forgotten to include my French fries in the bag.

6/5/2013 04:41:09 am

Podstava can mean anything from substitution Подстава to ‘framed’ подставили depending on how you carry the sentence, whether you’re talking colloquially or formally. The 'substitution' works as 'setup' colloquially I guess - even though I never implied that translation.

Where in God’s name did you get your definition from.. Wikipedia ?

6/5/2013 07:08:55 am

I asked my Russian barber. This is an article from 2003 describing the phenomenon.


Search youtube and you will see many instances of it. It's the reason so many Russian cars have dash cameras installed.

To claim that Tamerlan, (who wouldn't pronounce it like he came from Orange County) would scream an ambiguous at best Russian word at a bunch of American cops is just another desperate attempt by the "freejahar" crowd to deflect the truth. Tamerlan was already dead when that video was shot.

6/5/2013 07:58:40 am


Please remain objective and refrain from negative remarks, we're all hear to provide our views in the same manner - with respect. We welcome observations and comments from any side of the fence, but desire for them to be made positively.

Thank you for your continued contributions.


6/5/2013 09:50:25 am

While I don't agree with everything joker says (fast food comment etc). I actually think they bring a bit of balance to this. I don't believe he's innocent just because he seemed like a nice guy etc and I think everyone is missing information that the FBI has access to that might clear up some of the issues, currently I do have a serious problem with the overall story and the motive being given but i'm not convinced of total innocence. Fact is though that he has been tried and convicted by the main media and declared innocent by some supporters.

For objectivity, truly how can we believe a video without clear picture, timing or validation more than one that is backed by witnesses, pictures etc.

6/5/2013 11:46:40 am

The problem is that many supporters truly believe that the "evidence" they present (pictures with red arrows, etc.) will actually be admissible in court and that it irrefutably proves Jahar's innocence. His lawyers aren't realistically going to walk into court with any of this information, however. They also tend to think that the evidence the media is presenting to us is all the evidence that the government has in the case.

6/5/2013 03:41:48 pm

Hope that the Public Defence team has more irrefutable info than we do.

6/5/2013 05:53:31 pm

I think all this speculation is secondary. People react in different ways under stress. This incident (whether or not it happened as reported) is not proof of guilt of, so let's not lose the bigger picture.

6/5/2013 09:23:23 pm

Here's an unedited link of Linda's account:

6/6/2013 04:43:28 am


Obviously this is just speculation but I always thought that Tam ran at the cops to give his brother the opportunity to get away.I think It was a suicide mission of sorts.

Also there is the alleged boat confession that Dzhokhar writes and mentions how he will join his brother in heaven. How would he know his brother was dead?

6/6/2013 04:58:03 am

Exactly - which is partly why the boat confession is so hard to believe.

6/6/2013 05:35:59 am

That wasnt my point but I see how I made myself misunderstood.

These 2 are outnumbered and its getting worse. They will be surrounded shortly. Tam is nearly out of ammo so he tells his brother he's going to run at cops to distract them and that he should use the time to get away. They both know he's going to die. So there's that knowledge and the fact that Jahar runs over his brother getting away. It wouldn't take much guesswork for Jahar to know that his brother is gone.

6/6/2013 06:08:13 am

Reply to Joker:
i don't think it was a given that Tamerlan would die if he ran towards the cops. Plus, there's a video uploaded where Jahar and Tamerlan call out to each other, so Jahar knew that Tamerlan was still alive after the capture.

on a related note, why would Jahar run away if it was a suicide mission and they wanted to die? they didn't have an escape plan since jahar just went and hid in a boat - he couldn't have expected to not be captured.

and lastly, as mentioned before, this incident still doesn't tie them to the bombings. people may wonder why they reacted as alleged (the shooting, etc), but this incident alone doesn't prove that they were behind what happened on the 15th.

4/24/2014 06:37:53 pm

At Joker: What you say makes no sense. Tamerlan could have distracted cops in other ways than a suicidal rush. Video has them yelling they give up - we didn't do it. Exactly what you'd do if you were patsies and wanted witnesses so you'd be taken alive, not dead. I'm somewhat confused by the video from dexter/ Adams, whatever that was. Tamerlan isn't saying podstava, a boston accent is. As if a cop knows that term and is using it at cuffed tamerlan. Tamerlan (slight russian accent) demands his rights. Cop at one point checks is wallet and says, that's him. Is that other video all fake audio? You have ears too, listen. Somebody has decided to make this confusing to figure out and I'm not trusting cops version.

6/6/2013 05:00:57 am

Another thing about his boat confession that you mentioned that sticks out to me is how he's going to "soon be joining him". If he wanted to die a martyr, why did he allow himself to be taken alive? that always stuck out to me, even though it's such a small detail. Still. It's odd. And I agree, how was he to know Tamerlan was dead at that point?

6/6/2013 05:41:21 am

I wouldn't try to put yourself in the kids head too much. He may have been in that boat for as much as 15 hours. We can only imagine the range of emotions he must have felt. Just guessing but at the end he most likely felt very tired, very scared and very alone.

6/6/2013 06:10:57 am

The boat confession also doesn't make sense because he has appointed a death penalty lawyer to his case. He obviously doesn't want to die at this point. Additionally, from what I can see, there's no writing visible in any pictures of the boat. Maybe he wrote the message on the tarp?

@ Joker: It's possible that it was a suicide mission. It's all open to interpretation. I personally think that Tamerlan charged at the police while he still had enough ammunition. It could have been a split second decision. Jahar might have stayed behind because he didn't have a gun. Once it appeared that Tamerlan ran out the police took a risk and tried to apprehend him and Jahar had the opportunity to get away.

Jahar obviously had to turn the SUV around at some point before driving it towards the police because it was facing in the opposite direction. Maybe he wanted to help his brother?

6/6/2013 05:38:55 am

I missed the reasoning behind this so I have to ask what everyone thinks - how did the green honda civic get into Laurel St Watertown? Did the brothers split up again after leaving the gas station?

6/6/2013 05:52:38 am

Lots of guessing here but once "Danny" gets away, they're now driving a Mercedes that has been reported stolen.

Why not dump it immediately? Don't know but I will say this. In my opinion this is all Tamerlan and he was clearly not well in the head so to expect him to think lucidly as he sees the walls caving in on him may be asking too much.

As for Jahar I just shake my head and wonder why he would follow his brother down that path.

6/6/2013 06:06:43 am

why have you already solved the verdict? Stick with the details for now - so did Jahar get back into his Honda Civic (abandoned somewhere in that long route they took) and follow Tamerlan into Watertown?

My interest in this case is for the authorities to pull up their socks and get rid of inefficiency and corruption within themselves. So the institutions are intact. That's why we're all asking hard questions. So that we are in fact safe and so that they aren't granting immunity (without our knowledge and consent) to others who may be have been directly involved.

So back to the Honda Civic then .. anyone heard anything from the media ?

6/6/2013 06:52:30 am

My guess about the Honda is this: Danny said that, after the hijacking, Jahar had initially been following the stolen SUV (with Tamerlan and Danny) in the Honda Civic. The criminal complaint mentions that Tamerlan eventually "picked up" Jahar (we don't know where-Danny said it was a street in Watertown) and then they transferred something into the trunk of the SUV. So I'm thinking that Tamerlan and Jahar went back to the abandoned Honda at some point after Danny escaped. It isn't clear which car they were driving when the police located them.

The police have also said that they believe they were attempting to ditch the SUV and transfer their explosives back into the Honda: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:F0R_jG9taE0J:openchannel.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/05/01/17991679-green-honda-could-prove-crucial-if-tsarnaev-charged-in-mit-officers-killing%3Flite+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

It's also very unclear.

6/6/2013 07:06:37 am

and lastly, as mentioned before, this incident still doesn't tie them to the bombings


At face value I guess it doesn't Theres always the possibility that "Danny" was the bomber and they just happened to have the unfortunate luck to carjack the one guy in boston that had a car full of explosives. But is this a "reasonable doubt" ?

As for the Honda, yes there are points where we can only speculate but that car was present at the time of the shootout. Perhaps they were going to "split-up"

6/6/2013 07:13:43 am

The boat confession also doesn't make sense because he has appointed a death penalty lawyer to his case. He obviously doesn't want to die at this point.


It is a matter of procedure to have a lawyer such as Judy Clarke on a capital case. She was most likely requested by his public defender or even the magistrate judge that has been handling the preliminary hearings.

6/6/2013 07:31:24 am

That makes sense.

6/6/2013 08:16:49 am

I imagine there are some defendants who might actually prefer the death penalty though?

6/6/2013 07:22:12 am

@ Joker: It's possible that it was a suicide mission. It's all open to interpretation. I personally think that Tamerlan charged at the police while he still had enough ammunition


I heard an interview with a cop that was there. He did have his gun with bullets as he made his way down the side of the street. This cop ranked him and they had a little shootout in someone's driveway. Tam ran out of bullets and threw his gun at the cop.

At least that's what this cop said.

6/8/2013 01:20:31 pm

Ought to mention that Jahar could have escaped in the car by driving straight on. Instead, he did a uturn and, it seems, deliberately ran over his brother and broke through the police lines.

I think they were both thinking suicide, but for Jahar without his brother's support, that was more difficult to do than he he had thought.

4/24/2014 06:54:29 pm

Nobody ever asks: why didn't they both just get in suv and drive the other way on laurel? That wasn't a dead end or blocked by cops. Lots doesn't make sense here. If Tamerlan was suicidal he could have let Jahar lay on ground and give up and then do his own thing, keep running, whatever etc..Seems like they wanted to give up alive together with witnesses around but cops wanted different outcome. If Jahar gets to speak things might clear up.


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