On July 11th, news broke that a Boston police officer had been arrested on charges of possession of explosives, illegal possession of ammunition and obtaining stolen property. Later, the public was informed that the officer was Officer Kirk Merricks of Plymouth, MA. Merricks’ estranged wife had called police after she found what she thought were explosives in the home they previously shared. It had been determined that the explosives were stolen by the fact that they were military explosives; they were not available to the public.
Photograph: BostonHerald.com
On the night on which MIT police officer Sean Collier was shot, it can be observed that two descriptions of different suspects could possibly match Officer Merricks. One description is of a black male, wearing all black, the other description being of a Hispanic male in a cowboy hat. When seen going into court, Merricks was wearing a black cowboy hat.
In similar news, a man in Topsfield, MA was found with materials used to make pressure cooker bombs in early June. Daniel Morley had the police called on him for a domestic incident, and after a long stand-off with police, he was arrested. The police then found a pressure cooker and other “concerning materials” in his bedroom, similar to the bombs used in the Boston Marathon bombing.

Do you think the FBI and Boston Police have explored every avenue as to the suspects of the bombing and the shooting of Officer Collier? Do you think Officer Merricks and Mr. Morley should be questioned about the explosives they possess and the possibility of their involvement in April’s events?


7/20/2013 11:04:13 am

yes most certainly they should be charged and see if these are connected. I think we shouldn't be surprised at what happens though because the energies of the FBI are still in covering up the crimes related to the boston bombings--not seeking the truth even yet. This is still a obvious fact of matter.The FBI can't investigate and give us the truth or justice as it would have to allow it's own culpability to show in the process. No criminal shows his own dirty hand-only paints blame on another.

7/20/2013 01:46:03 pm

Holy smoke!! I never heard any of this anywhere else! I agree with Gail fully. To listen to the media one would think that the Tsarnaev brothers were the only people out in a car that night in the state of Massachusetts.

I'd also like to see what happens with the note in the boat. Judging from photos, it seems to me that Dzhokhar might left-handed, and this hand now appears quite badly injured.

9/25/2013 05:01:51 pm

I agree with both the comments from Margaret and Gail. I used to see+speak+and say hello to Jahar. He was a regular acquaintance of mine and many,many others (contrary to what the press has made of him) in this community in southeastern Massachusetts where we all live. UMass is a part of the greater New Bedford/Dartmouth township. He is left-handed and could not have written a note if his hand injuries were sustained before climbing into the boat. When all this happened I was mourning the fact that this bright,friendly,sweet,funny student was "involved" . When I read of the supposed "note in the boat" I began having serious doubts as to the narrative we had been given. Then came the Todashev tragedy and I am highly skeptical if not in total disbelief of the fed narrative.I do not know what can be said of the human-ness and personalities of other suspected "criminals" but this person I saw and spoke to often enough, to tell you here, had a very deep,sensitive,open-hearted side to him. If, and I say IF, he committed some of these things that have been charged against him, it is one of the great,sad tragedies of our culture,of our time. If he is not guilty, this is one of the greatest unforgivable, accusatory assaults against an American citizen ever.

9/27/2013 09:32:25 am

Yes,it's created a catch 22 (the boat 'confession',which I have read, is actually no confession at all)for the authorities.They are saying he received the injuries(which obviously occured while he had his 'hands up')the previous night in the 'shootout'(which didn't happen either).Unlikely,he would have died from blood loss.He is left handed,and the bones in his forearms were shattered,(look at photo of him on side of boat)and his left hand is 'turned around' the wrong direction because of this.He would not have been able to write.That means, they opened fire on an unarmed man(child)that was surrendering,uh oh!Interestingly enough,this boat 'confession' materialized just days after I e-mailed & called D.O.J. & Ortiz's office, pointing out that the hospital'confession' was 'null & void';confessions given by someone doped up on opiates(morphine etc.) are not admissable in court.They could have gotten him to confess to being 'on the grassy knoll' under those circumstances!

7/20/2013 08:10:49 pm

In the indictment it is stated that Sean Collier was shot by the very gun that Tam had. If ballistics prove that this is the case, there is no point charging everyone who wears a cowboy hat with this crime.

9/27/2013 09:50:47 am

What makes you so sure it was Tamerlan's gun(the serial number was ground off) or that Mr.Tsarnaev was EVER in possession of a gun.Also,check MIT tweet to students;OFFICER DOWN;Please Stay Inside.Only one problem,tweet went out at 7:51 pm,more than two-and-a half hours BEFORE he was supposedly 'executed' by the Tsarnaevs.

7/22/2013 01:59:01 am

I see We Are The Lion has jumped onto the USS Censorship.

Post deleted.

Congrats on that. I just hope you have the guts to lose the facade of objectivity you so poorly hide behind. Promoting 3rd rate conspiracy tie-ins like the above nonsense is good but why not just go all the way?

7/22/2013 02:18:52 am

@Joker - In all fairness, the post we deleted was the first of your's that we've ever removed. We removed it given the heavy negativity and assumption.

We are not promoting conspiracy, we are providing a platform for those who wish to discuss the similarities in a safe environment. In addition, we are engaging them with questions that provoke thought vs. rumors or conspiracy.

Why not add to the discussion or avoid it entirely? We have many other pieces worthy of comments on our blog that you could contribute to.


9/15/2013 02:29:09 am

Why would you publish an article that suggests that the authorities may be barking up the wrong tree,then recoil at the obvious alternative? The 'conspiracy' word has become dirty,and is being connotated with lunacy.I know the Tsarnaev's are innocent,so, that means another party,or parties are responsible.Use whatever word you so choose in conclusion.Oh,I also think officer Merricks may be standing behind them at marathon(in front of Forum)

7/22/2013 03:45:13 am

Well just to add to the mix there is a picture of a man that some claim robbed the 7 eleven with a gun on that night and he's wearing a black hat. http://www.massmostwanted.org/index.cfm?ac=casedetails&caseid=20130225
I've no idea of the validity of this. But like the men mentioned above these need to be fully investigated.
The shooting of Sean Collier (rip) is still a little questionable to me because there has been no proper official statement saying they have footage or DNA etc.

9/15/2013 02:56:16 am

I don't believe that pressure cooker bombs were used at the marathon.If you look at videos and photos right after explosions,you'll notice a strange white powder that seems to have blown up out of manhole covers.There's a big pile of it that appears to have been blown out of storm drain in front of library.LensCrafers has same on sidewalk in front.Debris and powder align with window if blast came from inside.White powder looks like ammonium nitrate.

barbara henninger
11/9/2014 06:24:07 am

John, you are correct about the 7/11 robbery and the man with the "bucket hat". That is indeed a big question as that robbery was almost immediately prior to the murder of Officer Collier and also within a 5 minute car ride from the scent. More than a year later, (summer 2014) there was a request to the public for information regarding that robbery, placed by a Boston Policeman. So, at least somebody is still looking.


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