We received a link to the popular "Why I Support Jahar" video posted on YouTube by user realrissa and wanted to share it with the world. This is a great example of the things we are hoping to achieve with WeAreTheLion. In the video, and in the video's description, it remains partial to the circumstances but dares to ask the important questions the media is not.

We're proud of this Lioness. Making a difference starts by thinking for yourself, questioning everything, and roaring loudly without fear of retribution from those our elected officials. This is not a conspiracy movement, this is a movement for the people. You are the people.

Let us know what you think of the video in the comments below.
5/11/2013 11:46:06 pm

This is brilliant! Realrissa brings up excellent questions that need to be addressed and answered. Smart, brave woman!


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